Groundculture Share Deeply Intimate Video For Raging New Single 'Trauma Can Teach'

Newcastle’s premiere alt-metal act Groundculture have today shared their latest single from their forthcoming album in the form of ‘Trauma Can Teach’.

Taken from their upcoming full length debut How Well Do You Know Yourself, the track is a detailed documentation into the life altering power of trauma provides and the effect it leaves within it’s wake. On the subject, the band shares;

“'Trauma Can Teach'. Three words that we may never have realised the power of. Each and every one of you have so far, made it through 100% of your bad days. It’s a fact, regardless of the pain or doubt you endured to get to this very moment, you’re here right now reading this. Every single situation that broke you and made you feel empty, is the very reason you’re as strong and brave as you are. Absorb your blessings.”

The video for ‘Trauma Can Teach’ intimately explores this subject. Every person within the video, including guitarist Mattie Turner, has experienced a form of life altering trauma, with the video visually showcasing their own personal stories and the aftermath. The stories of each respective person can be found within the description of the video.

As stated, the track is taken from Groundculture’s forthcoming debut record How Well Do You Know Yourself, which is released May 1st via Hopeless Records. Watch the video for 'Trauma Can Teach' below.


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