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Growing talent is everywhere. With such a high saturation of bands and artists in the alternative environment, it can be hard to shine. UK-based artist Lizzy Farrall is one to look out for. Previously sharing stages with the likes of Trash Boat, Can’t Swim and The Story So Far, just to name a few, Lizzy has been making her way into the ears of many. The expansion continues with the release of debut full-length album, Bruise.

It all kicks off with the previously released single ‘Addict’. There’s plenty of depth evident here straight away. With energetic choruses, bold bass and an amalgamation of background sounds to encourage enthusiastic first impressions to those who may not already be familiar with the work of Lizzy Farrall. The mix of layers reveal themselves differently upon each listen, persuading the track to be played on repeat.

Heavy synths vibrate back and forth in ‘Gas Lighting’, offering a pleasant contrast for Lizzy’s soft vocals. With a strong chorus and darker atmosphere, the track is a kaleidoscope of depth and intrigue. Saxophone melodies find their way into ‘Yellow Paint’, creating a nice surprise for the ears. These first few tracks show off the diversity of what Lizzy Farrall has to offer; a musical grasp that shows no boundaries and doesn’t need to be defined by one genre or style.

The atmospherical ‘Knocked For Six’ softens the mood further into the album. With a slower pace, minimalistic verses and flowing vocals, the track allows the lyrics to take centre stage. The additional vocal accompaniment in ‘Knight Rider’ complements Lizzy’s pitches wonderfully. With bouncy instrumentals, catchy hooks and a further appearance from saxophone melodies, the song is a lovely addition to the track listing.

‘Barbados’ brings the record to a close. Delicate guitars establish the introduction, then welcome a vibrant piano and thrumming bass combination. It showcases Lizzy’s extraordinary voice, which complements the flowing instrumentals and dynamic choruses, proving ‘Barbados’ to be a wonderful conclusion to the milestone record.

Bruise is a brilliant story of growth and builds on from Barbados; an EP released last summer. The acoustic sounds from 2018’s All I Said Was Never Heard may be less evident, but the newer offerings provide plenty of depth and interesting elements. The real life honesty in the lyrics and balance of intrigue shown throughout the progression of the album wonderfully showcases Lizzy Farrall’s capabilities and gives a glimpse of what is still to come.

It’s a strong addition to Lizzy’s growing catalogue, which is bound to please. The sounds and musical structures have evolved nicely over a short space of time and are clearly heading in the right direction for the artist. Within an ever changing environment, it can be important to mix it up while still producing music you believe in and that is what Lizzy Farrall has successfully achieved with Bruise.

Score: 8/10

Bruise is released March 27th via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order the record here.


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