Tenside - Glamour & Gloom | Album Review

The alternative music scene in Germany is on a whole different level than the rest of Europe. Rock and metal may be genres for a select few for the majority of the planet, but in Germany, the scene's still alive, breathing and a permeant fixture within the mainstream. So what if we take a look at one of Germany's own export products, Tenside?

That name might not ring a bell immediately, but the band from München has been around for quite a while. Last year, they toured all around Europe supporting a metalcore band you might have heard of called Killswitch Engage. Glamour & Gloom is the band's seventh record already, so they should have all required experience under their belt already. Unfortunately, the album fails to leave any solid impression at all. The album hosts a variety of modern metal genres, with some post-hardcore influences to be found in the instrumentals, but nothing about its blend of styles makes it stand out. It feels very overdone, like a record that should've been released about a decade ago. The riffs and choruses sound very uninspired and Daniel Kuhlemann's vocals lack broad diversity, which makes every song sound pretty much the same as the one that comes next. On top of that, the drums on the whole album sound very inauthentic and processed.

Not everything is doom and gloom, though. There are some positive points to mention, such as the track 'Along With The Gods', which the band recently released as a single. What makes this song stand out from the rest is its very catchy hook, and a more lively and interesting instrumentation that carries the track to a higher level.

If you're a fan of no thrills metalcore or inclined for something that adhere's to it's own genre regulations, Glamour & Gloom might be a record for you. If you're looking for a metal record with some punch or challenge behind it, please look further.

Score: 5/10

Glamour & Gloom is out now via IvoryTower Records.


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