Satan Is Our Friend: The Top Six Songs About Satan As Told By Sugar Horse!

Satan, The Devil, The Prince Of Darkness. Whatever you want to call him, it's safe to say the red skinned dude has been more than an inspiration to music as a medium since the dawn of time. In celebration of their forthcoming EP DRUGS, a slightly cabin fevered Ashley Tubb of Bristolian doomgaze collective Sugar Horse got in touch to inform us of the best songs ever written about the dark lord below.

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"Lucifer, Baphomet, Abaddon, Beelzebub... he's been called many things, but you probably know him better as Satan. Jesus' cooler cousin and enemy of all things lame (especially Stryper). There are a shite load of songs about The Prince of Darkness, most of which are hilarious to be honest. Here's a super demonic look through some of the best....I mean worst. I'm not really sure how this works to be honest. I assumed wearing black and owning a copy of Black Sabbath was enough."

Mayhem - Pure Fucking Armageddon (Live in Leipzig)

"I limited myself to picking only one Black Metal song for this, as it could just be six Darkthrone songs I guess.

"This version of Pure Fucking Armageddon is the quintissential version of this track. Dead's famous "LEIPZIG......JOIN US!" intro is both utterly ridiculous and chilling. Made all the more comedic when you learn about how poorly attended said show was. Famously, Dead was hospitalised after the show due to blood loss and various members of the audience consumed rancid pig flesh from a couple severed heads that the band had bought in specially. Weirdly they all arrived at the show by train. Next time someone's sat behind you listening to Craig David through their iPhone speakers, just be thankful they don't also have a bin bag full of gone off pig heads."

Coven - Pact With Lucifer

"If you've heard this record before you'll know just how fucking weird it is. The cover alone looks like some sort of Abba Does Halloween novelty shop compilation. Famously the track Satanic Mass is 13mins of a highly dramatised black mass with a bit of chanting for "atmosphere". Black Sabbath were obviously taking notes, sharing their name with the album's opening track as well as band members both being called Ozzy Osbourne.The actual songs on the record are quality. The weird juxtaposition between the Summer Of Love style RnB and the Hammer Horror lyrics. It's ham-fisted and totally excellent. Pact With Lucifer in particular has Jinx singing some big soul top lines. Hellfire, brimstone and tight fucking harmonies."

Future Of The Left - You Need Satan More Than He Needs You

"My favourite track off my favourite Future Of The Left record.Synth bass and kick drum kick you in the head for it's whole 2:48 run time and there's a big gang vocal that suddenly harmonises that I'm sure the dark lord would give an approving nod to. Falco's lyrics are forever killer and this is no exception. "But shame won't dry my balls" being a particular favourite of mine. It's lovely hearing him shout about phallic symbols and group sex."

SANS - Ode To Marilyn

"One of Bristol's most savage bands. An onslaught live and lovers of the worst kind of Nu Metal."

"Absolutely love Tom's guitar playing in this track. Guitar as more of a rhythmic instrument than anything resembling melody or harmony. A horrific song by a lovely bunch of guys that isn't about the Marilyn you'd think."

Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan

"Anyone who's seen this song live will know just how powerful four blokes playing the same three chords for 20mins can be. Jolting between otherworldly deicacy and towers of frenetic noise.There's a section in the middle that we (and a million other bands) have ripped off far too many times. So much so, that when writing we frequently use the term "shall we Mogwai it here?" You'll know the bit when you hear it. It's the bit that will scare the living shit out of you while you doze off, probably causing you to spill that low quality coffee into your lap."

"Mon the 'Gwai!"

Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast

"The anthem of our master and probably the ringtone of a lot of kids who regularly go out in public wearing blue double denim."

"Apparently the album's producer, Martin Birch, made Bruce Dickenson do the quiet vocals at the start about seventy times over. Claiming the take wasn't right over and over again. Understandably this really fucked Bruce off, but lead to one of the best ever "YYEEEEEAAAHHHHH"s in recorded music. Bruce funnelling all the pent up rage into one big shriek.

Up the Irons. Long live Steve Harris."

"Thanks for reading this quite frankly horrendous journey through the addled mind of a new(ish) parent. I hope you're all having at least an acceptable day in this weird and terrible time." "In nominee de nostre

In the name of our Satanas:

Lucifer Satan;

the glorious Excelsis! Lucifer!"

Hail Satan. Hail Sugar Horse.

DRUGS, the second EP from Sugar Horse is self-released April 17th. You can pre-order the record here.

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