Scavengers Share Video For New Single 'Self-Sacrifice Is An Art Form And You're Not Very Cre

Since striding onto the South Wales scene in 2018, Scavengers have swiftly made a reputation for themselves. Today the band have unveiled the next stage of their career by announcing their debut EP and by sharing the video for their new first single “Self-Sacrifice Is An Art Form And You’re Not Very Creative”

The first single from their forthcoming EP Are We Alone Now - self-released April 30th - ‘Self-Sacrifice Is An Art Form And You’re Not Very Creative’ is the group’s latest offering and see’s the band further solidifying their homegrown sound. Featuring guest vocals from Dafydd Richards of electropunks Nightlives, the track is a candid and intimate look into the troubled inner mindset of frontman Marek Ball.

Whist a video was originally planned for the single, plans where cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. Fortunately, the band have still released an incredibly wholesome video for the single, which you can watch below.

On the subject of the single Marek Ball states:

“Lyrically this is a very personal one for me. It dives into a mixture of my struggles, all tied together by the line ‘take me at my word because it’s all I have’. It touches on the mistakes I've made, the regrets I carry, the rivalries I've started, struggles with mental health, finding and losing religion and dealing with family expectations... It's a lot, but all I have to express it is my words. Having Dafydd do a verse really helped add a new perspective on those subjects, I owe him a lot, and I think he knows that. He’s like family to us”.

Providing irresistible rhythms, raging riffs, infectious energy, snaring hooks and massive amounts of heart, the quartet have already caught the attention of their peers en-mass and are set to gain signifiant traction with their forthcoming EP. Check out Self-Sacrifice Is An Art Form And You're Not Very Creative' and ensure to listen to Are We Alone Now when it drops April 30th.


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