Icantdie Announce New Single 'Counter' featuring Sean Smith

Heavy alternative outfit Icantdie have announced the release of their new single 'Counter' this evening. The trio that hail from South Wales have been relatively quiet since the release of their 3-track EP that was released in June last year. The EP offered up a consistent sound that hit hard and showed potential as well as giving an insight into where the band may head in the future. So now the band have finally reached the point of a new release, how does it fair with the expectations set?

To start, the track features local legend Sean Smith who serves up his usual helping of high energy delivered in the form of his piercing and intensive vocal style. This alongside the already amped up Kyle Smith (vocals) who comes out the gates swinging with his commanding growls. 'Counter' consists of pure ferocity and utter grit, the style the band definitely sit most comfortably within. One thing's for sure, this track is angry as f&%k.

Weighing in on the original intention of this song and why the band are releasing it now vocalist Kyle Smith says “We were going to release this in line with a couple of cool shows in England we had planned. But since this situation isn’t going away anytime soon, we decided to get it out for people to headbang to during this time! We even got our good mate Sean from The Blackout and Raiders to lend his vocals to it! We’re real proud of it, its a beast of a track!”

It is difficult to imagine how a three piece can make this much noise yet Icantdie prove it is doable! 'Counter' will be released April 10th and will be available on Spotify, bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon and Deezer. Don't miss out!