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For many, the name of Vasudeva may be foreign. But for others, such a word will spur a secret, knowing smile. Whereas the instrumental trio have only been actively touring since 2012, Vasudeva have already amassed quite a resume to their namesake. Last year saw the group amass over a million streams on Spotify alone and the past several years have seen the band bring their dynamic blend on post-rock to all corners of the globe, earning applauses and plaudits upon high. Lofty accolades indeed, but those acquainted with the group’s dynamic take on the post-rock genre will understand and such appraisals, championship that’s set to continue with their latest forthcoming record. The group’s third full length, Generator is Vasudeva’s most polished and accomplished work to date. Disregard the industrial title and album artwork however, for this is a fully organic and human release that’s bountiful in soul and heart.

Like their previous material, Generator straddles the ambiguous line between post-rock and more atmospheric dance. However, a level of assuredness and confidence is tangibly evident within Generator, especially when contrasted against the works that came before it. Whereas Vasudeva straddled that aforementioned metaphorical line slightly awkwardly on their earlier works, the group have finally found that sweet spot, a place where they are complete confident with their sound with this record. With this in consideration, Generator just consistently radiates pacifying auras of peace, contentment and to an extent, relief.

Opening track ‘Breaks’ awakens from slumber tranquilly, with gentle keys fluttering alongside composed yet calculating fretwork that peaks with a crescendo that’s grandiose, yet still mellow. As the record progresses into the slightly math orientated post-rock relaxation of ‘On The Up - a track that harkens thoughts of Chon and Three Trapped Tigers at their most amiable – to the focused loops and danceable climax of ‘Only On’, it’s clear this is a record free of angst or aggression. It’s like waking up to a beautiful springs day, looking out the window and seeing cheery blossoms dancing in the breeze; you know you’re in for a day of peace, one that Generator soundtracks with flawless synergy.

Essentially, every aspect that was evident within Vasudeva’s previous work has been improved upon, but in a way that seems all natural. There’s this enveloping feeling of warmth to Generator, one that’s organic and beneficial to one’s wellbeing. To achieve this sense of alluring and earnest serenity Vasudeva have expanded their musical palette - polishing it and cleansing it in the process. However, none of the colours that made their work so originally engaging have been lost. The walls of noise that where present within No Clarence remain here, but are exercised within a manner that’s more soothing and calm. This fact becomes forefront within the gorgeous post-rock of ‘III’ and within the quiet progression of ‘Drop’, a track that honestly wouldn’t be out of place within the latest Animal Crossing.

As the record floats into the metropolitan ‘Stockmar’ and the ever so skittish drums of ‘Yamaha’, this record feels like it was organically accumulated as opposed to constructed, at least to an extent. Every track is interweaved with light and breathable textures that have been sewn with delicate precision that forms a luscious and calming soundscape where every element has it’s own place. It's simply impossible not to feel at ease when experiencing this record, with the field record voice notes captured by Grant Mayer (Guitar, Keys) during this New York City commutes adding a human touch that can only be fully appreciated when listening to the record in it's entirety.

Generator isn’t an album of constant action, rapid twists and galloping speed – far from it. It’s a record to bask in, one that allows therapeutic relaxation all whilst showcasing the experimentation and dynamism that’s associated with Vasudeva’s namesake. Those wanting a post-rock release that's a far cry from the fervent noise and aggression found within the genre will be right at home with Generator. In all, despite the record’s namesake, this is a naturally paced experience to bathe in the warm tranquillity of nature, splendours that just as organic as this wonderful release.

Score: 8/10

Generator is released April 10th via Skeletal Lightning. You can pre-order the album here.


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