Wilderness. Drop New Single Temperance Reversed

UK post-hardcore 5-piece Wilderness have been knocking about the South Wales music scene for a couple of years now and have been well received. The band's unique sound is a combination of hard-hitting poignant lyrics combined with passionate melodic and emotive music. Today marks the release of brand new single 'Temperance Reversed' which is the first sign that the band are making a push to gather speed, gain reach and unleash themselves to the UK rock scene in full force.

With the recent introduction of long standing friend Jack Hopkins as the band's new bassist they are hoping that this will inject some energy. On the matter the band commented "...it's been great to have him on board, he brings a whole lot of new skills and experience to the table." Hopkins is also responsible for the corresponding video to the latest single.

The crushing new single delivers a fresh slice of sound that will be welcomed by fans of the genre. The strength remains in the fluid contrast between the gritty punch of lead vocals and the stunningly tranquil cleans that chime in sporadically throughout the song. The melodic structure of the guitars add feeling and passion to this and the end product oozes with feeling.

Check out 'Temperance Reversed' below released today via Dreambound:

If 'Temperance Reversed' is anything to go by it can be expected that further releases are yet to come and one things is for sure, you will NOT want to miss out on that!


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