Neck Deep Release New Single 'When You Know'

As the hype continues to build towards the bands fourth record All Distortions Are Intentional, Wrexham five piece Neck Deep have released the records latest single 'When You Know'.

The pop punk heroes' plans for an accompanying video were somewhat derailed with the current COVID-19 pandemic, so the band went for a slightly different tactic for the lyric video. Neck Deep went to their fans to create a one-of-a-kind collaborative effort, which you can see below:

Similar the already released 'Lowlife', 'When You Know' continues to follow the story of the fictional loner character Jett, trying to find his meaning in the difficult, created city of Sonderland.

Speaking on the new track, vocalist Ben Barlow said: “When You Know is about realising you’re in love. The old saying “when you know, you know” was in my mind with this one. In the timeline of ADAI this is where Jett realises, after a wild night out, and another night talking about how they see the world and realising they share similar feelings, that he is in love with Alice,” reveals Barlow. “The mutual feeling of not belonging, the difficulties of their day to day lives and battling their inner insecurities, yet now having each other to ease the pain and giving a sense of purpose is the key take-away from this song. It’s a pretty straight up summer love song, but one that’s mega catchy and feel good - a stark contrast to some of the more emotionally heavy songs on the record."

All Distortions Are Intentional is released July 24th via Hopeless Records


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