Wild Cat Strike - Mustard Coloured Years | EP Review

Brighton quartet, Wild Cat Strike, are following up on their debut full-length release Rhubarb Nostalgia with some fresh sounds in the form of new EP, Mustard Coloured Years. They make a step in the right direction with their accomplished unique blend of genres, further building on what they have already shared.

The first single to have manifested from the EP is ’Mustard’; a diverse offering, following a unique structure of its own. Lyrically starting right where Rhubarb Nostalgia left off with the words “I can’t complain”, the track begins softly with a guitar and vocal accompaniment. The chanting middle section of the song builds a unifying singalong moment that is bound to win over live audiences. Elongated instrumentals and bridges provide an intense addition, building up to later produce a soft melody and bring the song to a close.

Energy builds in ‘Toothcutter (Part 1)’, with more urgency in the vocals and varying rhythms, taking unexpected turns throughout. The variance in pace and musical direction keeps anticipation high, ready for sequel track. Quickly pursuing the rustling conclusion to Part 1 is ‘Toothcutter (Part 2)’, drastically slowing down the pace and providing a countering approach that magically flows from its predecessor.

A melodic patter of guitars introduces ‘Swamp’. The intricate layering then grows into a pounding rhythm with the accompaniment of drums, resulting in an interchanging array of directions. These interweaving mix of melodies find themselves reappearing throughout the track, creating a unique instrumental journey.

The folk inclusion to their style makes a more prominent appearance in closing track ‘Beekeeper Song’; a static infused conclusion that drifts away, taking the listener along with it. The stripped-back guitars and vocal companionship provides a pleasant happy ending to their journey. Made up of five tracks of math rock infused alternative ambience, Mustard Coloured Years gives a little more of what Wild Cat Strike have to offer. The EP is an interesting and diverse mix of emotion, atmosphere and clever arrangements, each with unique supplements for the group’s growing catalogue.

Score: 7/10

Mustard Coloured Years is released April 17th via Small Pond Recordings. You can pre-order the EP here.


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