Moscow Death Brigade - Bad Accent Anthems | Album Review

A new release from Moscow Death Brigade comes as somewhat of a surprise in mid-April 2020, after the Moscow-based circle-pit hip-hop troupe’s relative social media and marketing silence since the single release of “Throw Ya Canz” midway through last year. However, after the success of their debut full-length, Boltcutter in 2018, this is the moment for them to prove they can keep the attention of their international fanbase from the worlds of metal, hardcore punk, and hip hop outside of their native Russia. The anonymous collective hold nothing back with an opening song that stays true to their trademark style of fast and heavy, combining fast hardcore, hip hop beats, and aggressive guitar.

It quickly becomes apparent that the vocalists this time are experimenting with new deliveries, and there’s definitely more of an element of classic rap, grime, and even dub on top of the standard aggressively growled raps from previous releases. The music remains relentless, as only their own self-described attitude of using hip hop as “a powerful tool against bigotry, ignorance, prejudices, and hate” can provide. Leading on from 'Papers, Please!' of their previous album, the title track 'Bad Accent' provides another memorable anthemic tribute to immigrants and refugees worldwide, building well on previous material. In fact, if Moscow Death Brigade know anything about song writing, it’s how to turn aggressively shouted gang vocals into a memorable hook, and this is true of virtually every chorus on the album.

'Sound of Sirens' is another highlight, beginning slightly slower with a solitary synth line and optimistic chorus chant in between expertly delivered verses spat out at breakneck speed. Yet despite most of the backing track being the same speedy electronic drumkit beat, it would be foolish to think that the group hasn’t expanded musically at all, with sounds reminiscent of synthwave and ragga even seeping through at times and yet, somehow, it all still manages to sound fresh. True to their hardcore roots, each track is such an extreme burst of energy over a short time that it doesn’t sound stale or stagnant at any point.

If it’s anything to go by, their sophomore full-length release only solidifies Moscow Death Brigade’s grip on the realm of hardcore and hip hop. Expect their live performances to only get even crazier as the group go from strength to strength. To get your fix of extreme hardcore circle-pit hip-hop straight outta Moscow, get on this belting release.

Score: 9/10

Bad Accent Anthems is out now via Fire And Flames Music. Purchase the album here.


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