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Existing at the intersection of Thrash Metal and Death Metal are some really interesting cross over bands. Death Metal made a huge impact going as far back as the 80s with bands like Death and Morbid Angel. Vader has much been a staple of the genre but without the same kind of notoriety. A household name, but not one credited as starting the genre. None-the-less, since 1983, they've released eleven albums with Solitude In Madness being their twelfth. Fast, brutal and with a strong tinge of Thrash, Vader are none-the-less a strong example of the down-tuned brutality of instrumentation, which is Death Metal. But it is Piotr Wiwczarek's vocals that are one of the most iconic sounding Death Metal grunts you can find.

Solitude of Madness stands for a well defined career with no signs of stopping. Fast drums, fast guitars and fast music. Seemingly being able to pull exciting and hard riffs out from the ether. Solitude In Madness is a fast album with many tracks coming in at around two and half minutes. Almost abnormal for Death Metal. There isn't much variation from the Vader formula here. Songs have that old and authentic riffing with mad solos and punishing drumming. 'Incineration of the Gods' and 'Dancing in the Slaughterhouse' offers some samples as a bit of a change up to the formula but that is about it.

This might normally be a criticism, as it keeps the band on familiar territory and without much room to breathe. However, Vader seem to masterfully go from riff to riff. Playing from one song into in to another, whilst making some brutal but understandable vocals. Memorable and adding that subtle extra difference. Particular highlights include 'Into Oblivion', 'And Satan Wept', 'Emptiness' and 'Final Declaration'. It is really the riffs and vocals that keep Vader succeeding in a way that most others can't. It's part of their blood now.

The guitar solos harken back to those day-gone eras and, though being strong and fitting with the rest of the music, it never is the selling point. It just has that old school feel. Almost as if you can hear the heavy metal, made faster into Thrash, then intensified into more brutal music – now Death Metal. It's why Vader are a household name in the first place. This album may not be many people's first choices but it actually struggles to disappoint. It's just strong music.

Score: 8/10

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