Good As Gold Group Host ‘The Tours That Never Were’ Fundraiser, All Proceeds Going Towards Bands, Ch

As you will probably know, the Covid-19 crisis has utterly ravaged the music industry. Artists all across the nation have been dealt an incredibly heavy blow by the pandemic, with canceled or rescheduled shows resulting in a loss of income and other financial difficulties due to non-refundable bookings and other expenses. However, it’s not only the musicians that are being effected by this. With every cancelled show, tour managers, sound & light engineers, stage techs, drivers, merch managers and everyone else behind the scenes have been effected financially by this health crisis.

In response to this, the Good As Gold Group – The PR agency behind a lot of your favourite bands - have announced ‘The Tours That Never Were’ non-profit fundraiser. Teaming up with Awesome Merchandise and Aled Phillips (Deputy Art Director at Kerrang! Magazine), the team have whipped up a fantastic merch range that will see all proceeds going towards the artists that have opted in for the fundraiser.

Included in the design, in alphabetical order, are A.A. Williams, Black Peaks, Cassels, Conjurer, Cruelty, Cultdreams, Delta Sleep, Dinosaur Pile Up, Dream Nails, Employed to Serve, Haggard Cat, Holding Absence, False Heads, Gender Roles, Ithaca, John, Lizzy Farrall, Nordic Giants, Orchards, Palm Reader, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Polar, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion, Sugar Horse and We Never Learned to Live.

All proceeds raised will be split equally across the artists to use as they see fit, with numerous artists choosing to donate their split towards charities such as NHS Charities Together, Music Venue Trust, domestic abuse charities and more.

Click here to see the merch range on sale and pick up something if you can!