Scavengers - Are We Alone Now? | EP Review

Much like NY’s resident web slinger, South Wales’ friendly neighbourhood quartet Scavengers have swiftly sauntered onto the scene with earnest swagger, appealing edge and probably a sticky residue. Presenting strutting alt-rock that you can bring home to your parents, Scavengers have quickly constructed a strong reputation for themselves, recently sharing stages with the likes of Junior, Dude Trips and Raiders – all on the back of a small bundle of tracks.

With their namesake now etched in the wet cement of the scene, the group are now releasing their debut EP Are We Alone Now? A compilation of tacks both new and old, it’s an authentically wild and youthful release that’s set to launch them into the eye of the wider national scene.

Opening with the previously released singles ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and ‘Deadlock’, Scavengers swiftly establish themselves with a magnetic strut. Offering irresistibly catchy hooks and smirk inducing confidence, it’s almost unreal to think these are the very first tracks produced by a band of this age. There’s none of the awkward modesty or conflict surrounding the group’s genre – all of the common pitfalls experienced by emerging bans have been avoided with finesse here.

As the EP plunges into the roughish The Blackout worthy bounce of ‘Ugly Things’ and blatant future mosh inducer that is ‘Making Friends With Skeletons’, Scavengers are assertive and bold; they know what they want to sound like, they know what they want the listener to experience and they execute such intent with charisma and skill.

However, it’s the double haymaker of ‘Follow Suit’ and latest single ‘Self Sacrifice Is An Art Form And You’re Not Very Creative’ that lands the final and most rememberable blows courtesy of this release. Such material shows how Scavengers have finely tuned their originally alluring sound to be effective as possible and brightly highlight the promising future that lies ahead of them.

Anyone who has experienced Scavengers previously will know the skies the limit for them. However, Are We Alone Now? makes such a fact utterly undeniable and deafening. This brilliant, slightly unassuming EP is honesty viral worthy and it’s only time before it’s respective title is screamed aloud en-mass over Twitter. Whilst you most likely have a list of things you’re eagerly awaiting to do post-lockdown, seeing this material live is going to be a new entree on that list.

Score: 8/10

Are We Alone Now? is self-released April 30th on all streaming services.


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