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With uncertain and trying times reigning over our collective consciousness, old and unshakable burdens whispering in our ears are becoming more and more prominent with every new day dawning. Although the world mostly stands still for the protection of our friends and foes, the Blackpool native alt-rockers Boston Manor have no qualms shaking up the music scene, with the release of their most ambition and imposing studio album to date, known simply as GLUE.

This impassioned instalment to their growing and ever transformative discography was born out of critical examination of the modern worlds gripe with corruption, injustice and inequality. Although such subject matter holds such extreme importance to be discussed, debated and reformed for the safeguarding of our future generations to come; GLUE offers a certain depth of anger and pain riddled amongst its lyrical content, which suggests a darker and deeply personal undertone at times literally screaming out for needed attention.

The starting point for Boston Manor's alternative electro-emo transcendence comes in the form of ‘Terrible Love’, which beacons you in with is narrative describing the internal war between hopelessness and emotional dependency. A clear stand out amongst its fellow tracks, Terrible Love represents the records true starting blocks for musical excellence as it grows from strength to strength with such inclusions as ‘On A High Ledge’, ‘Playing God’ and ‘Monolith’.

‘On A High Ledge’ delves into the realms of obsession, through hypnotic hyper-tension filled ramblings reminiscent of an outer worldly cult indoctrination; while ‘Playing God’ teases us with mainstream religious tropes while choking us in an morality vacuum; which feels like you’re caught in a wind tunnel being constantly blasted in the face with the truth, while strangely and effortlessly dancing around the elements possibly representing an affinity to blissful ignorance.

The albums progression feels natural and addictive right up until the final track ‘Monolith’, which initially takes an empowered and aggressive stance, as it almost antagonises its audience into waking up from our detached sense of self. It orders us to be outraged, saddened and ashamed all at the same time while screaming at the top of our lungs the anthemic “Fuck You!” chants to almost measure the tenacity of the newly awakened human spirit. After the main whirlwind ride of ‘Monolith’, its outro changes direction completely to a gentle and refined descent resembling the comfort of freedom; As the song drags you deeper into the narrators fearless fragility, you’re transported by the tender tickling of the ivories to a mental safe space that is ever so beautifully haunting.

Boston Manor has some truly incredible cards to play with their continuously gutsy and tantalising metamorphosis into a fully fleshed out modern rock hit maker. As many hoards of fans enjoy Boston Manor's latest triumph in the midst of lockdown, the anticipation will definitely be rising to experience the awe inspiring wonders of GLUE once we are all free from our current limbo-like state.

Score: 8/10

GLUE is released 1st May via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order the album here.


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