Diet Cig - Do You Wonder About Me? | Album Review

The sophomore record can be an exciting one for bands to tackle. With the initial debut out in the world and a familiarity established, the follow-up can encourage a time to push boundaries.

With that mind, three years have gone by since Diet Cig’s debut record was released and now their sophomore full-length is here to brighten your day. After plenty of time on the road, the New York duo took some time to work on the follow up to their 2017 endeavour. The result of that hard work is Do You Wonder About Me?; a deep dive into the emotional, real world of Diet Cig.

Nestled in the prelude beats of ‘Thriving’ is the lyrical announcement of the album title, gracefully opening the doors for the ten tracks. Steady guitars and softly presented vocals make their first appearance, resulting in a combination that continues to solidify Diet Cig’s loveable style. The instrumentals in ‘Priority Mail’ allows the vocals to step further into the spotlight. The piano accompaniment proves to be an excellent partner, creating a moment of magical relaxation.

Following up behind the soft fade from ‘Priority Mail’ is the instant introduction of ‘Broken Body’. A raw honesty shines from the vocals, emphasising on their ability to produce down-to-earth music with themes that listeners can connect with. Blankets of harmonies expand the track and grows into a layered spectacle that displays the duo’s freedom with the songs built into this record.

Around the halfway mark, we are greeted by the dreamy guitar chords of ‘Makeout Interlude’. Once again slowing down the pace, it shows how wonderfully the finished album has been structured, to accommodate a fluctuating flow of vibrancy and keep the listeners hooked at every turn.

The energy has another dramatic adjustment with ‘Flash Flood’. The rapid track embodies a different side to the band, starting with pounding drums and ending on a reverberating sound of feedback. The intensity quickly fades and is replaced by the acoustic progression of ‘Worth The Wait’. Full of atmosphere, the track appears as a contrast to its predecessor, once again demonstrating the duo’s wonderful capabilities.

Their first single from the record makes a reappearance to bring the journey to a close. ‘Night Terrors (Reprise)’ is a new approach to the melodic chords of the original previously experienced in the album. Instrumentally, the track feels distinctly different with the absence of guitar and drums, alternatively taking on an almost futuristic approach. It allows further enhancement on the vocals of the song, making it a nice summary of the album.

Prepare to be infatuated by a concoction of soothing melodies, whimsical choruses and honest vocal lyricism. There’s still plenty of classic Diet Cig energy that many will be already familiar with thanks to 'Swear I’m Good At This'. With Do You Wonder About Me?, there is a fresher, bolder statement from the duo, that will continue to entice.

Score: 7.5/10

Do You Wonder About Me is released May 1st via French Kiss Records. Purchase the record here.