Jamie Lenman Announces New ‘Mini-Album’ King Of Clubs, Returns With New Single And Video ‘The Road T

Never the one to stay formant for long, Jamie Lenman has returned with a brand new single ‘Road To Right’ alongside news on a freshly announced ‘mini-album’ King Of Clubs.

Released September 25th via Big Scary Monsters, King Of Clubs is the follow up to Lenman’s 2018 covers project Shuffle and is set to be his first original full length since 2017’s Devolver.

Originally set to be an EP, the record came into creation following an abundance of written material and was once again produced by frequent collaborator and producer Space (Idles, Black Futures). According to Lenmen himself, the upcoming record is his most aggressive and political record since his solo debut Muscle Memory and to sum up the sound of the record, the duo have coined the word ‘Neisty’.

"A perfect mixture of nasty and nice.” States Jamie Lenman on the sound of King Of Clubs. “I see this record as the closing chapter in a very creative and enjoyable period working with Space – the last piece in a very loose trilogy with 'Devolver' and 'Shuffle' before it, white red and black. It’s the angriest and most political record I’ve made since Muscle Memory, a painful place to be. I wouldn’t have wanted to make a full album like this, I think it would have been too much."

To coincide with today’s announcement, Jamie Lenman has released the first single taken from the album in the form of ‘The Road To Right’. Originally premiering last night on the Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P Carter, despite the promise of a far more darker and painful record, the single shows the Jamie Lenman we’ve become accustomed to with recent material.

"This is a song I was writing before we started Shuffle', so I shelved it when I realised that was going to be all covers." Continues Lenman. "Then by the time I was touring that album, I wanted to play something new and ‘Road’ was just sitting there ready to go. It got a great reception, maybe because it’s quite a ‘traditional Jamie Lenman song’, if there is such a thing. People just like new music, really. Lyrically it’s very introspective, similar to the stuff on Devolver. It deals with the concept of ‘finding yourself’ and what to do if you actually manage that, only to discover what you really want is to get as far away from yourself as you can."

Whilst news of live dates is set to come soonish, Jamie Lenman will be performing his second ‘Total Request Live’ livestream on his Facebook page May 19th at 7pm. You can tune in here.

For the time being though, watch the video for ‘Road To Right’ below and be notified when pre-order bundles go live.


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