Sobriquet – A Hundred Thousand Tongues | EP Review

With an opener as vicious as ‘Higami’, it seems Sheffield five-piece Sobriquet are set on causing mayhem. This hardcore outfit offer a fresh take on their genre, making for an explosive listen.

With vocalist Ludovico Fahey’s opening snarl and some heavy-hitting riffs, influences from bands like Fever 333 spring to mind. Fahey’s monstrous tone solidifies his place as one of the freshest vocalists in the UK scene from the off. However, as the single proceeds, Fahey intertwines clean choruses with brutal screams to make an unusual hybrid of styles.

As the EP continues, we find that clean vocals and a softer sound become more apparent. Second single ‘Eros’ sounds somewhat bouncy and feel-good in parts, which slightly dampens the fierce tone that these guys were going for from the off. Thankfully, the energy this single emits is still infectious.

Proceeding single ‘Epiphany’ offers the same hybrid vibe, which at this point feels slightly tired. Fahey’s vicious vocals paired with the high energy riffs found at the start of the EP offer a much stronger output for these guys, so to incorporate another genre into the mix feels unneeded. However, that’s not to say that the softer sound found intertwined is a bad one. Fahey’s clean vocal offers a Beartooth style of sound, which could be perfect on it’s own release.

Despite this combination found throughout, closing single ‘Benighted’ breaks the barriers and is easily the strongest single on this release. Raw lyricism and a spiteful snarl are the forefront of the single, with a clean chorus channelling an Incubus style of vocal; this grungier tone is what these guys do extremely well. The colossal breakdown found at the end of the single is perfectly placed and plays the EP out in style.

A Hundred Thousand Tongues offers undeniably brutal vocals and heavy instrumentation, to name a few strong points. However, their efforts to incorporate contrasting genres were not up to scratch. Regardless, still a strong EP that should put them on the UK map.

Score: 7/10

A Hundred Thousand Tongues is out now independently. Purchase the EP here.