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Eight years ago, Crossfaith released their revered Zion EP worldwide, shining a huge spotlight on the band on a global scale. With that spotlight they've been slowly building their profile and securing their legacy in stone, from their unparalleled live shows to their expansive library of ragers, bangers and anthems. With their new EP, Species, the Japanese titans are set to usher in a new age of chaos, with their sights set on huge stages and an even huger sound, they've held nothing back on this latest release.

One thing that's glaringly apparent with the Species EP is that it's crushingly heavy, from start to finish it just doesn't relent. Opening track 'Digital Parasite' serves as a chaotic amalgamation of many of the sounds the band has laid on the table before, with panic inducing use of synths, glitchy drum beats and roaringly harsh vocals met with moments of uneasy trap music, this song is the big red DANGER! sign on the gates of hell you're about to waltz into. 'Endorphin' is more consistent, lulling you in at first with a tasty little dance beat before throwing an arsenal of noise at you, frontman Kenta Koei's vocals seep desperation here, layering the track with emotion that boils over into a raw display of despair that pulls you in further to the atmosphere and meaning to the song.

'Truth Of Insanity' is an assault on the senses, with one of the crunchiest riffs guitarist Kazuki Takemura has ever put out, alongside electronics wizard Terufumi Tamano's siren synths and Ken flexing his ever improving clean vocals on this tracks huge chorus, this is easily some of the heaviest material the band has put out to date. Fourth track 'None Of Your Business' is a real treat, overflowing with anger, this song is PISSED OFF, big time. The crashing of Tatsuya Amano's symbals, the deep vibrations of Hiroki Ikegawa's bass guitar, and the devilish ferocity of guest artist Jin Dogg's vocals make this track sound like it was dredged up from the hottest circle of hell.

Closing track 'Your Song' cools it off a bit, (and we really do mean just 'a bit') with it's orchestral strings, Ken once again twisting his vocal style from demonic powerhouse to that soul gripping more emotional style he's mastered so well, and harmonic synths that harken back to earlier songs like 'Scarlett' and 'Counting Stars' (from the bands 2013 album Apocalyze).

Overall, the Species EP stands tall within Crossfaith's discography, with five albums and now as many EP's under their belt, there's a lot of material to get lost in, but this outburst of sound has the weight and the depth to carry Crossfaith forward into their bold new age. Only time will tell if they will hit their goal of becoming a future Download Festival headliner, though they prove time and time again, release after release, that they certainly deserve to.

Score: 8/10

Species is released May 22nd via UNFD. Pre-order the EP here


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