Scavengers: The Top 5 Best Welsh Artists You Need To Hear Right Now

For a hot minute now, the friendly neighbourhood alt-rock quartet Scavengers have been busy staking their claim within the constantly expanding and flourishing contemporary South Wales scene. Marring roguishly wholesome charm with massive melodies and fat groove, the group are one of those few select bands that are youthfully fresh whilst sounding like they've been honing their skills for years - something they proved with their debut EP Are We Alone Now?

Self-released last month, the extended play established their charm and finesse with confident aptitude. Whilst the name Scavengers is now firmly etched in the cement of the local scene, vocalist and frontman Marek Ball got in touch to inform us of the top five fellow Welsh artists that are fully deserving of your time.

Scavengers - Are We Alone Now? | EP Review

"Hi, I’m Marek – frontman of local alt-rock losers Scavengers."

"My friends at Noizze asked me to compile a list to showcase some of my favourite artists that I share a local scene with, and I am so excited to chat about, and shout about, some of my mates who you may or may not know."

"So, please, strap in, and get streaming."

James & The Cold Gun

"I have always been intimidated by people who I perceive to be cooler than me. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to my friends James and James. My god. You have never met cooler people in your life. Their blend of grunge-y, artsy, lofi punk rock is as exciting as it is captivating, and naturally, their music is just straight up cool."


"I met Foxxglove when we started university together, and I have watched her move from being a Halsey-fangirl to a Halsey-fangirl with an alcohol tolerance (well, I say that…)"

"Haunting vocals, raw lyrics, and beautiful music to back it all up – Foxxglove has only released her single “City” thus far, but if you’ve had the chance to catch her live you know there are some absolute gems in her setlist just waiting for an official release."

Death Cult Electric

"This is just unfair. 'Deleter' is mental. Like, absolutely bonkers. Fun, and energetic, and crazy, and just beyond any sober comprehension – Death Cult Electric released my favourite song I’ve ever heard out of Wales, and I will stand by that wholeheartedly. I’ve not yet had a chance to catch this song live, but if I ever do, catch these hands on the dancefloor."

Lizzy Farrall

"Lizzy’s debut album Bruise is packed with emo-pop bangers and choosing just one to link for this article is difficult, but 'Bruise' is a lesson in catchy hooks and honest lyricism; and the song I’ve linked, 'Games' is my personal favourite. It’s fun, it’s upbeat, it’s catchy, but at the same time it’s dark and sad and angry. We love bittersweet pop music here.


"Off the back of lead single 'Mother', the Defeatist lads have my heart. Riffs on emo riffs, with the kind of heart-breaking honesty that you already know I adore. I’m so excited to see what these lads put out next, and where they go from here."

"Thank you for reading; this has been “5 of My Favourite Welsh Artists Right Now That You Need To Know”

Take care, friends Ya Boi Marek xx"

Are We Alone Now? is out now independently. Purchase the record here.


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