Going Dark: An Interview with Glass Heart

It's been a busy week for South Wales outfit Glass Heart. Whilst they gear up to release their new single they have also officially welcomed Drummer Samuel Gibbs to the fold, a member that has played live with the band for some time.Only two days past this and the band have announced they will be dropping their 4th single 'DARK' on the 12th June.

Having only been a band under this reincarnation since August 2019 the [then] trio have not put the breaks on at all having already secured 3 singles under their belts met with much positivity to date. Excited at the prospect of new music from South Wales' freshest offering we caught up with Vocalist Adamross Williams on all things Glass Heart.

To start we asked how Adamross would describe Glass Heart to someone who has never heard of the band before:

"We are a hard rock/post hardcore mix up of things. Across all of the lads we have so many different loves from indie to 80’s pop to death metal. Each song changes dependent on what we’re listening to individually at the time. We don’t like to pigeon hole ourselves too much as the whole point of us doing this is to break the barriers we set ourselves before, and just make music that we want to listen to."

Though,as mentioned above, Glass Heart have only just begun to break the surface of their career, many of those in the South Wales Rock scene will have at least heard of the bands previous long-standing project under a different name: "Myself, Jake and Nathan were founding members of the outfit ‘Breathe In The Silence’ and we had been doing that from around 2012 up until 2017 - a plethora of learning experiences happened and we ended up calling it a day. I think when you’ve been slowly releasing music and playing the same songs consistently over that time it can become monotonous and we just decided to call it quits. However, after about a year or two of silence we decided we wanted to start doing music again and do something fresh, and something that was fun for us! Enter Glass Heart in August 2019 and here we are! Its a pretty good time as we have just announced our previous music pal Samuel Gibb is now in the fold as our permanent drummer, although he has been playing live with us for a while."

In relation to the new single and the message the band are hoping to deliver Adamross shed some light on it's prominence in today's current climate: "We’ve been sitting on this song for a couple of weeks now, and although initially the song wasn’t about this global pandemic we feel it is very poignant now and really relates to how all of us are feeling in the band and the people that surround us." And in terms of it's accompanying video which provides a simple but atmospheric aesthetic whilstbeing shot in isolation Adamross had this to say on how it was shot: "The shoot was pretty easy to do in fairness, Myself and my girlfriend have been doing photography/videography for my business Adamrosssi for years now and we are surrounded by these beautiful vast mountains where we live. It was as easy as taking my camera on our daily walk out of the way pretty much."

Moving on from the single itself it is hard to shy away from the circumstances engulfing the world at present. Covid 19 has had a huge effect on everyone and has had massive implications on the music industry. We asked if and how this has effected the band, and plans for 2020: "We feel it has definitely been a downer for sure, the fact we can’t play shows, see each other and just hang out definitely sucks. My worries are when this all ends, what is going to happen with our friends who are running the music venues, producers etc. How is the music industry going to look know?" And in terms of personally dealing with isolation: "I have had my good and bad days with it. Sometimes you get a bit of cabin fever but other times it feels like a break from the pressure of the world. This is the only time this is going to happen in our lifetimes ( we hope ) so we may as well try and see the silver lining to it!"

And finally, moving on from the release of “DARK” what’s next for the band you may ask. Naturally there isn't a band or artist in the world right now that has a firm grasp on their future though it is great to see optimism even with that looming: "We have some stuff in store and some plans we want to go ahead, How that’s going to look i'm not really sure. But we’ve got a great team behind us and i'm sure that the next thing we put out is only going to be a step up. I am looking forward to the future."

Make sure you like the band's socials in preparation for this release as you won't want to miss out! Pre-save the upcoming Glass Heart single HERE.

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