Grove Street Families, Kold War, MTXS and More Collaborate For ‘UKHC For Change’ Fundraiser In Aid O

Following the murder of Minneapolis citizen George Floyd, white supremacy, inequality, police brutality and systematic racism have once again taken the spotlight. In aid of the now global fight against such evils, thirty bands from all across the national hardcore scene have collaborated on a fundraising release directly supporting protest and activism efforts within both the UK and US.

Released June 26th via Bandcamp and made possible via Nuclear Family Records and 7 Stitches Merch, UKHC For Change features each band partaking presenting either exclusive new or re-released material in order to combat inequality. Alongside the digital and tape release, an exclusive fair wear shirt will also be available to purchase. All proceeds will be spilt and directly donated to Black Lives Matter UK and Act Blue in the states.

Appearing on the release are Grove Street Families, Kold War, MTXS, Shallow Graves, After Burn, Ättestor, Domepiece, The Annihilated, Realm Of Torment, Gorge, Ill-Informed, Lawful Killing, Lenged Out, Mantlet CVHC, Negative Measures, Never, Regressions, Plead, Stone Hand, Suppress, Vent, Sterile, Revoked, Frantic State, Malign UK, III Vision, Reckless Harm and UKHC newcomers Bodily Fluids. The track listing for the release is set to be announced soon and on top of this, Ithaca, Cruelty and Null are also included within the merch design as a sign of solidarity and to show their support.

“UKHC For Change is a fundraising effort between bands from all across the country. It was an idea I'd come up with pretty quickly after seeing some of the protests and fundraising efforts over in the US.” States Oscar Smith of Seven Stitches, one of the organisers of the collaboration. “But I wasn't really sure how to approach it and figured I do a fundraising merch design with Grove Street Families instead."

“Ben from GSF floated a similar idea of a collaborative design though, and so we got to work hitting up as many bands as possible from around the country and getting people involved. The UK scene is very diverse, and we opened it up to any established bands with a good platform, from punk bands to beatdown bands. I was happy for anyone to spread the word within their local scenes and tell any of their friends, and it grew very organically. All those involved generally know of each other, but it's also brought together some very different people/bands which is cool to see. Despite everyone's differences, we're all rallying around a shared cause.”

"Josh, one of the members from Kold War also runs a well established DIY label called Nuclear Family Records, and so after suggesting the idea of doing a compilation tape as well, we ended up putting that together too. Some bands have unreleased material they're putting on it, some bands are re-releasing relevant/topic material on it, and some bands are even recording exclusive material for it."

"50% of proceeds from UKHC For Change will go to the UK Black Lives Matter fund, which is a coalition of black activists and organisers across the UK.

"The other 50% of proceeds will go to Act Blue, who have set up a donation fund to split between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers."

"We're considering expanding this and continuing it on after this initial preorder run of shirts and tapes are over, we're not sure yet but we'll see. I think it's important for people to not treat this as a trend, and to continue to educate themselves and use their voices and platforms to speak out about racial injustice and to challenge it in their daily lives. Black lives still matter once the hashtags and the Instagram infographics go away."

UKHC For Change drops June 26th on Bandcamp via Nuclear Family Records. Pre-order the release and merch here. You can also directly donate to UK Black Lives Matter here and Act Blue here.


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