Blurred Lines: Introducing Creegan's New Single Lullaby!

Since their inception in 2018, Newcastle quartet Creegan have been busy cementing themselves as an essential edition to all those 'ones to watch' playlists we love to keep ourselves tuned to. Having played a string of sold out shows in the North East, blown away audiences at Hit The North festival, built a fast-growing Spotify fanbase and received media support from BBC Introducing alongside a plethora of other media outlets, the band excel at blurring the lines between folk, rock and indie to create a sound passionate listeners won't struggle to find a home in.

What started as a solo project for Connor Pattison (guitar and vocals), and with influences ranging from Foals to Bear's Den and even the more recent stylings of Bring Me The Horizon, the project has blossomed into a full line up made up of Luke Gaul (lead guitar), James Waddington (bass guitar) and Harry Still (drums), with each member contributing backing vocals into the mix alongside their instrumental prowesses. Fans of bands like Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox and Twin Atlantic will feel right at home alongside Connors heartfelt, expressive vocal style and the intricate mixture of amped up riffs alongside the more delicate notes of the guitars.

Today marks the release of the bands fifth single, 'Lullaby', a song that invokes solemn tones alongside a hook that'll lodge itself in your ears for days if not weeks on end. In Connors own words: “This is the only song that was written before the band was fully formed. I wrote it through a really dark period in my life, where I couldn’t find my feet, feeling like my conscience was losing grip, and slowly retreating into my shell. The lyrics of Lullaby were a cry for help, almost as if I was looking at my own mental down-spiral from above. This song is so close to my heart that I couldn’t release it without knowing that I could do it justice, and as soon as I showed it to the rest of the band, I knew that we would.”

From the harmonics that lead into the song, to the steady rhythm of the drums, it's surely their most beautiful and compelling track to date, demonstrating the bands aptitude for writing songs that by all rights should easily lead them to more mainstream success in the future. Melodic and captivating, 'Lullaby' will be a song Creegan can wear proudly like a badge of honour for a very long time.

With five songs under their belt now, this is only the beginning of what is sure to be a fruitful and illustrious career, and mark our words, you'll be hearing about Creegan one way or another, whether it's though us right now, or further down the line, keep your ears primed for when they begin to climb the ranks of renown in the coming years, an inevitability at the bands current momentum.

You can listen to 'Lullaby' on SoundCloud and or find the song (alongside their other releases) on other streaming platforms via this link here. You can also find Creegan on Facebook and Insta.


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