Irish Instrumentalists Bicurious Drop Live Session Video Of ‘Japanese Puppy!'

Photo: Zoe Holman

Like essentially every other industry on the planet, the global music industry fell flat onto it’s face when the majority of us were forced to stay inside in order to just stay alive. However, Dublin’s madcap instrumental rock duo Bicurious have been very busy indeed behind the safety of locked doors. Whilst they've been intricately crafting their next release, the two-piece have just dropped a live session for fan favourite track ‘Japanese Puppy’.

Originally taken from their 2018 EP I’m So Confused and recorded at Brighton's Small Pond during their late 2019 tour, the session brilliantly showcases why Bicurious have quickly become such a beloved live force. Forming in 2018 the group mar punk fuelled math-rock groove with progressive ambience whilst ensuring a constant air of fevered and delirious energy is palpable. Forgoing vocals for vocal samples that highlight social injustices in Ireland and beyond - despite their love for ravenous noise and chaos - Bicurious are conscious, composed yet utterly unpredictable. Imagine artists like Rage Against The Machine and Reuben battling it out with And So I Watch You From Afar and Aiming For Enrike.

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“With everything that's going on, we're really happy to be able to share something with our fans, since so much of what we had planned for these few months has gone down the drain.” States drummer Gavin Purcell on the live session. “Still, we had a lot of fun filming this live session, and we hope people will have just as much fun watching it!”

Whereas Bicruous where originally scheduled for both Portals Festival and ArcTanGent, they’re now utilising this downtime to work on their yet-to-confirmed new release. Whilst that may be forthcoming, for the time being you experience the delirium of Bicurious live by watching ‘Japanese Puppy’ live at Small Pond below.


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