Wargirl - Dancing Gold | Album Review

When genres collide, beautiful things can be cultivated. One band here to prove that is Wargirl. Made up of six like-minded people, the Southern Californian group are spreading their distinctive sound in the form of their latest endeavour, Dancing Gold.

Clutching a desire to create unique and interesting music, Wargirl mean business with this new album with ten assorted tracks incorporating a wonderful blend of everything from garage to disco and punk. Their follow up to their self-titled debut combines these genres and inspirations, creating a vast exploration of sounds.

Pounding bass drum and melodic keys introduce the album in ‘Drive’. The instrumentals build and when the vocals join, a brilliant sense of unity is formed from a multitude of activity. There is plenty to explore within the track thanks to the participation of a range of unexpected instruments. It’s an excellent introduction, both for those new to Wargirl and this new album.

Further electric keys introduce ‘Hang On’, coupled with raw vocals and accelerated beats to keep the pace high and exciting. ’2069’ then enters with a high spirited tune and a futuristic ambience. With each member coming from different backgrounds and cultures, it is understandable that their production also celebrates a musical variation in leaps and bounds.

‘Echoes’ is an eccentric track with a splash of classic retro. A smooth and layered atmosphere is created from an amalgamation of brilliantly executed sounds. Brass and diversified drums form a distinctive rhythm that won’t leave your side. It closes off with floaty harmonious vocals and fading instrumentals to conclude a stand out track.

The groovy ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ embodies a more relaxed pace, heightened with silky smooth vocals and controlled by the prominent bass. It is followed by the punchy ‘Whatcha Say’, with plenty of soul and passion particularly evident in the vocals. Similarly to its predecessor, it utilises a steady tempo and wears it brilliantly.

The concluding track is the more melancholy ‘Cry’, which initiates a steady beat and grows into an atmospherical exploration. Soft vocals and harmonies throughout creates a floaty overtone and it brings the album to a fading close, leaving a satisfying conclusion to the full creation.

Incorporating a bit of the old and a bit of the new, Wargirl are here to give you a beat to dance to and lyrics to get you thinking. Each addition brings a unique supplement, from garage rock excitement to smooth afrobeat. The sounds created by the sextet are diverse across the board prompting this record to be a brilliant collection of passion and love for music.

Score: 8/10

Dancing Gold is out now via Clouds Hill Recordings. Purchase the album here.


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