Invenire Pondere Sanctuarii: Mysterious New Collective Plagues Have Emerged

A new musical outfit has emerged hailing from... well we don't actually know. The collective is called Plagues and consists of 5 members though who/what they are remains unknown as their faces are covered by absurdly terrifying masks. In terms of their music, they have just provided the first offering in terms of their debut single but let's take you back to the start.

Here's what we do know, the mysterious group Plagues have surfaced and have been dropping cryptic imagery and the following message for the last two weeks "Invenire Pondere Sanctuarii - XXVI • VI • MMXX" which we researched and it translates as "To Find Sanctuary" with the numerals marking today's date (26/06/2020). We have done as much digging as we can to find out any further details and discovered that a mysterious figure has arisen under the name Osorio who seems to be the group's primary vocalist.

In addition to the above, the collective have released their debut single. It's called 'Sentinel' and it's crushingly heavy, shockingly eerie, surprisingly melodic and creates more questions than it provides answers. The accompanying music video features close ups of the individual masks and a narrative that depicts some form of sacred ritual.

We have also secured the following imagery:

It's hard to know what else to expect but musically you can expect punishingly heavy music as the story unfolds!

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