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Unappealing is the second EP from emo trio, Treehouse. With members hailing from Slough, London & Southampton the group have taken their time to hone their sound. They have been busy too, signing to Beth Shalom Records (UK) and Old Press Records (US). On June 1st we exclusively premiered the band's track 'Nurture' which was the first taste of new music from this trio in nearly 3 years after their debut EP, Thanks For Nothing/Thanks For Everything. Today marks the release of the EP and we took the opportunity to take a deep dive.

When rehearsing the tracks, the trio noticed a change from their original twinkly, almost pop like emo tracks following in the footsteps of Nai Harvest, to a more full on, honest and basic stab at a blend of old school and current emo, such as Pianos Become The Teeth and Seahaven.The 4 tracks delve into themes of Mental Health, desperation and worthlessness, and once amalgamated, the title Unappealing was agreed.

Treehouse - Exclusive Stream

Opener "Seek" takes the flare found on Treehouse's debut EP and refines and powercharges it. Piercing vocals can, at times, feel a little overbearing with the rest of the components making up the track but the mixing is done well enough to combine these two elements. This is perhaps where the last EP fell short in comparison. The drawn out end section of the song is a statement and you can hear the bands energy that would come across in a live performance.

"Nurture" strikes in at a high pace with scratchy guitar lines sporadically weighing in throughout the song. It feels unhinged and raw whilst polished in comparison to previous material. The song leaves quicker than it arrives at the length of only 1:34. Highlight comes in the end section with a repeated vocal hook and meaty riff to back it. "Purple" is the first time you get a slight variation in vocals with less of the piercing stab and a bit more of the raw emotion seeping through here to match the feel of the song. It provides a nice bit of diversity.

"Bliss" changes pace nicely and the first 1 minute and 20 seconds gives you a bit of your dream pop fill before breaking into a massive instrumental and guitar line that oozes with feeling. When the harsh vocals kick back in this track is elevated and it is here where the full potential of Treehouse is quickly realised. It is this track that combines all elements that make up this trio perfectly and there is a level of harmony struck across it.

Treehouse have gone away and created an EP that captures the raw nature of their band, the energy they give off live and gives you the feeling that it is being played in front of you. There is grit and snarl to the music, largely aided by vocalist Dominic James, though the topics covered are sensitive and emotional which creates an interesting juxtaposition. In addition the band have refined their sound and polished it around the edges to make for a far more listenable experience. This is still DIY music done right but strikes the balance well.

Today is also a special Bandcamp day with fee's being waved yet again so artists affected by Covid-19 received some much need support. Mark this special day and head over to the Treehouse Bandcamp page and pick up this fantastic release -


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