Svalbard Document the Horrors of Domestic Abuse with New Single ‘Open Wound’, Confirm Third Album on

A band that have always used their platform to highlight societal injustices, Bristol based post-metal band Svalbard have announced their third record When I Die, Will It Get Better? alongside sharing the first taste of upcoming material with new single ‘Open Wound’

Released September 25th via Holy Roar Records, When I Die, Will It Get Better? is group’s third release and the follow up to 2018’s impeccable It’s Hard To Have Hope. Whilst the group's penchant for dynamically toying with post-metal tropes has already been proven, the new record is set to see Svalbard travel even further into the genre, with new track ‘Open Wound’ marring the group’s poetically articulated aggression with lush shoegaze and dream-pop in a manner not unlike Alcest and Oathbreaker. Documenting the often silent horrors of domestic abuse, the track is an indication of a band set to reach a stunning, possibly career defining creative stride. You can watch the video for ‘Open Wound’ below.

Exploring the anguish of depression, thoughts of death being an escape and the widespread glorification of death, When I Die, Will It Get Better? seems to be as philosophical and intimate as it will be punishing. "As Carol Hanisch said "the personal is the political" and that's a phrase I draw inspiration from, in the sense that inner turmoil and societal struggles are inextricably linked.” States front-woman Serena Cherry. “When I'm talking about my hurt in the song, it's a pain that isn't just mine - but one felt by many who have also been exposed to domestic abuse. "With both this song, and the entire new album, it would have been impossible for me to write anything that wasn't bleak; as I was suffering with an overwhelming bout of depression - the kind that completely obscures your perspective until you eat, sleep and breathe despair. In 2019, I wasn't just haunted by the black cloud - I became the black cloud; and that permeated everything I did. Every lyric. Every note."

When I Die, Will It Get Better? is released September 25th via Holy Roar Records. Those with a Holy Roar subscription will receive this record as their September package. Pre-order the album here and check out the album work below.



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