Voivod - The End Of Dormancy | EP Review

Canadian progressive metallers Voivod have been at this a while; since their thrash/speed metal roots in the 1980s, the band have undergone multiple evolutions and metamorphoses to emerge in their current form, playing a blend of thrash and progressive metal that has elevated them to being one of the ‘big four’ of Canadian thrash.

Having been fairly quiet since the release of their last album The Wake in 2018, it’s apt that Voivod are re-emerging with an EP titled The End Of Dormancy; rather than being brand new music, it is instead a reimagining of its title track from their previous album along with a live version of it and classic song ‘The Unknown Knows’.

'The End Of Dormancy' forgoes the original’s more immediate opening, instead using bringing in trumpets, saxophones and trombones to both open the song and underscore it throughout, taking the proggy tendencies of the song and amping them up to eleven. The band significantly up the oddball factor to create something altogether new and frankly, even better than the original - the horn crescendo as the chorus opens with “The wake / This is the end of dormancy” sounds absolutely mammoth as opposed to merely huge. The new instrumentation lends a more orchestral feel throughout, elevating every section and accentuating all the right moments to add an extra dimension to the song that makes it truly bombastic and epic-sounding.

The B-sides are no slouches either, with a live rendition of ‘The End of Dormancy (Metal Section)’ - the official title of this reimagining - that sounds just as gargantuan and a solid rendition of ‘The Unknown Knows’. The ‘Metal Section’ version though is clearly the star of the show and it works so well that it’s a wonder that brass instrumentation hasn’t featured more heavily in their work before. This is the end of dormancy, indeed; may the band continue in this vein a while longer.

Score: 7/10

The End Of Dormancy is released July 10th via Century Media Records. Pre-oder the EP here.


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