The RXPTR Shack: 5 bands and their perfect cocktail counterparts as told by RXPTRS

Lacerating riffs and cocktail sophistication - a timeless, perfect mix.

Bar from writing and playing feral metalcore in the vein of Every Time I Die, Cancer Bars and While She Sleeps, Bristolian metalcore yob RXPTRS love nothing more than a good, high percentage alcoholic beverage. Whilst the summer has long been a season associated with social drinking, for obvious reasons, this year has been a bit different. With that in mind, the band got in touch to disclose their top five music related cocktails for you to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own abode. Enjoy responsibly / messily.

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"Missing the festival vibes and all-day drinking? Fear not. We have taken some of our favourite bands, albums and songs, and turned them into a brand new, unique cocktail menu. Here we will list everything you need to make our new concoctions. Grab your fanciest glasses and biggest bowls… Welcome to the RXPTR SHACK."

1- 'The Shape of Punch to Come’

Here we have the perfect tribute to Refused. You’ll need a tidy

sized bowl to make this post-hardcore, pioneer punch.

2 cans of IPA.

3 shots Parma Violet Gin

3 Shots of vodka

1 glass of lemonade

1 glass of original Vimto.

**best served dressed up with nowhere to go.

2 - ‘White Zombie’

Here we pay our respects to Rob and

co with a monstrous combination.

1 shot of green skittle vodka.

1 shot of overproof white rum

1 shot of spiced rum

100ml of lemonade

100ml of green orangeade

50 ml of pineapple juice

25 ml of lemon juice

**Best served with a sides of Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls.

3 - 'We’re being Brainsquashed'

Here we tip our hats to the guys in While She Sleeps

with a brain scrambling shooter.

First pour in 1/3 of vodka, then top up the glass with peach schnapps,

leaving enough space for a thin layer of grenadine.

Once the grenadine is settled, leaving a blood-like layer on top,

slowly drip through an Irish cream of your choice, to give a

mashed brain like effect.

**best served at a Guilty Party

4. ‘White Pony’

We drink to California’s finest with a classic White Russian

recipe, served in our new pony cup.

We love Deftones, so wanted to honour them with a drink we knew

we could nail, no risks, a banging White Russian.

60 ml of vodka

40 ml of Kahlua

40 ml of milk

**best served on Rocket Skates

5. ‘The Downward Spiral’

This is where the night may begin to spiral.

Time to load up another punch bowl.

We tried to recreate the classic Nine Inch Nails album cover using liquids.

So get ready for some rusty, industrial brutality.

Mix into the bowl:

100 ml beer

2 shots of Amaretto

2 shots of vodka

2 shots of gin

2 shots of spiced rum

Once you’ve achieved the grimy rust look, top the bowl up with equal parts

of pineapple and orange juice.

Then drip in the grenadine to get the blood stain effect.

**best served to the Perfect Drunk.

May we never go to hell, but always be on our way, cheers!

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