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If you catch a glimpse of the album artwork for Broadside’s brand-new instalment, Into The Raging Sea, it can be understandable to expect something a bit different from the Vancouver based pop rockers. Serving as a visual contrast to the 2017 Paradise, this third record presents a fresh mindset for the quartet.

From the outset, the new Broadside manifests a darker periphery in previously released single ‘The Raging Sea’. It’s a steady paced track, carefully constructed with a hard-hitting chorus and passionate lyrics. Relaxed instrumentals allow these vocals to take centre stage. It’s something unlike anything that was apparent in the preceding release and it proves to be an exciting direction for their sound.

This darker ambience does quell and the quintessential summery Broadside atmosphere returns later down the line. ‘Overdramatic’ has hints at the classic pop punk roots but with a sharper edge. There is growth in the composition of their sounds, as they continue to experiment with the accustomed procedures of the genre and craft their own atmosphere.

This atmosphere and ambience heightens in ‘Clarity’. Echoing chords hold up the structure of the track. The floating guitars are brought back down to earth with a strong bass line and piercing vocals. Embracing higher pitched harmonies towards the bridge, the uplifting song is speckled with melancholy undertones. Exciting rhythms and lighter lyrics flow into ‘Dancing On The Ceiling (With You)’. It’s a romantic pop rock track that plays homage to their back catalogue. With catchy choruses to make it a soundtrack of the summer months.

Nestled in the penultimate spot in the album is the sorrow tipped ‘The Setting Sun’. Straight from the get go, listeners are greeted with dark, catchy riffs and a restless pace that takes twists and turns throughout the duration. It’s a track with a distinct mix of direction; a bright chorus finds its way between wistful verses and serves as a divergent combination. The array of emotion aptly summarises what Broadside have grown into with this record. The quick pace softly fades to complete the diverse track.

Just when you think you’ve heard all of what Broadside have to give, ‘Burning At Both Ends’ enters to pull the album to a close. The track focuses on a collaboration of softer piano melodies and accenting vocals. Lyrics home in on personal endeavours with fiery passion and softer acceptance both making appearances. Despite the absence of guitars and minimal instrumental accompaniments, the tone mirrors the establishing track; completing a full circle for the record.

Broadside have embraced a fresher direction and created a genuine collection of tracks that acknowledges past struggles and aims to push forward to a brighter future. The attachment to poppier melodies and vibrant guitar riffs is still evident, but this is a bolder and more fearless Broadside that new and existing listeners can appreciate.

Score: 7/10

Into The Raging Sea is released July 24th via Sharptone Records. Pre-order the album here.


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