Limos – Tales of the White Eye | EP Review

In the crossroads of extreme metal, Black Metal intersects with Death Metal in sometimes obvious, sometimes obscure ways. Bands that generate that fanbase can be hard to describe. With a rough edged Melodic Death Metal band like God Dethroned there is almost a blueprint. Whilst Blackened Death Metal Bands make it incredibly clear. Limos, a recent act from Finland, are completely within this area.

Despite the clear similarity to God Dethroned it would perhaps not be giving them enough credit. Atmospheric and proud the sheer Death Metal approach and rough exterior, gives way to some remarkable musicianship. Despite all the mood, it is with the Melodic overtones that Limos are able to build their fanbase.

On Tales of the White Eye we have four tracks and one being their, already released, single 'Child of the White Eye'. Whilst 'Altars' and 'Rise to Arms' have memorable choruses, that verge on a cheesy approach, again feeling like God Dethroned, 'Child of the White Eye' feels like their sound. The clear definition of who they are.

When one is able to find new music and be inspired by it, it comes as a reinvigorating surprise. Limos aren't going to break the mould with this release. It confidently knows what it wants to be, but it sits in its darkness as an untold gem within Melodic Death Metal.

Score: 8/10

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