Sensory Amusia – Bereavement | EP Review

Music comes in waves of trends. Death Metal like all Metal falls victim to these popular ideas. A lot of Metal is complicated by the march forward and looking back constantly. The idea is reigniting the passionate fire whilst finding an original voice. But many bands follow the same path – hence we have trends. Sensory Amusia fall into these ideas with their latest EP being Bereavement.

A well produced release, Sensory Amusia strive for that mix of Death Metal, Deathcore and some Technical playing. The issue is far from their playing, each song being a solid example of what they can do and how effective and energetic this music is; the issue is that it fails to offer anything new. Relying on guitar motifs, vocals and ideas done before in a very modern sound. As such this EP may take a while before its more impressive elements land.

'Death' and 'Pain' have this to boast. As a part of the EP they have the most power to become ear-worms after repeat listens. The groovy beats are hidden with the relentless efforts of the songs. The almost constant vocals have chances to breath within the song and combine with the instruments for some staying power.

It's a strange thing to take a look at a band that know their craft and clearly place the efforts in the right areas and yet still manage to amount to what must be frustrating results. They're even clearly having fun with their material, it's a solid power pack of songs. It comes from a band that through searching and absorbing their influences could perhaps become something rather than just being a part of something. It's a subtle difference. Sensory Amusia will delight, but may also, become much more, beyond this.

Score: 5/10

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