Orchards drop surprise new EP, announce rescheduled dates for 2021!

Brighton math-poppers Orchards have had a bit of a hit and miss year thus far. On one hand they released an utter blinder of a debut with Lovecore, a full-length jam packed full of hooks, riffs and twinkly doodley alt-pop wonder. On the other, they’ve been completely unable to promote it, perform it or give it the live treatment it desperately wants. Nightmare.

However, the band haven’t just been sat at home wallowing like the rest of us. Today Orchards drop Acoustic, a surprise EP consisting of intricate acoustic and remixed renditions of tracks from Lovecore.

Recorded across separate locations over the lockdown period, the EP see’s the band providing a freshly chill and intimate take on boisterous tracks from the debut. It also marks the first self-recorded release from the band, with the band capturing the left-field dynamism that makes their work so irresistible.

Those with eagle eyes and ears may have been able to predict such a release though. Over the past few months Orchards have been performing gorgeous acoustic live streams as well as releasing covers - such the likes of the mammoth 'Never Fight A Man With A Perm' by Idles - all for NHS Charities Trust. The release also follows on from their Dreamland Sessions, which can you can check out below.

On the subject of the EP, the band states, “It sucks we haven't been able to tour our debut album yet, but everyone's in the same boat so it pretty much sucks for everyone. We never intended to make an acoustic EP, we were recording some songs for a radio session with Huw Stephens and decided to just keep on recording."

"It's the first time we’ve ever really delved into recording ourselves so it was definitely a learning process for all of us, but we've ended up learning a bunch and have created something we're all super proud of. As we were split across 2 flats, it was a lot of trial and error, but we had help from Jon Hucks who recorded Lovecore and we had a laugh making it - not quite sure our neighbours would say the same though!"

"This EP is for sure a different vibe to our summery pop album but we hope you love the chilled energy as much as the crazy climbing over bars energy we normally bring on tour! We cannot wait to be out there eventually playing the album for you all, with the bells and whistles, but for now, here's some summery cuteness.”

On top of this, Orchards have also announced the recrudesced dates for the Lovecore release tour. Whilst it was originally planned for this Spring, the group will be premiering material from their debut next May following a hometown show in March. All original tickets for the rescheduled dates remain valid and check out the full dates below.

Acoustic is out now on streaming services. Lovecore is also out now via Big Scary Monsters, purchase the record here.