Glass Heart Drop New Single Another Day

Another Friday, another release day and "Another Day", the newest single from Glass Heart. It's the band's 5th release since their inception and follows the hugely successful single "Dark" released on 12th June. "Dark" hit some massive milestones for the band amassing an impressive 42.6k views on facebook and 87k spotify streams (not bad for 2 months work). It also got the band featured on Spotify's "New Core" and Amazon Music's "Best New Bands" playlists.

Going Dark: An Interview with Glass Heart

Now the band take a step forward with their synth-tinged, emotively driven new single "Another Day". This anthem of a single was released today with an accompanying video and it is clear the band have big hopes for it. The band have said that the song is: "a message to all those people who have come out of the lockdown with the black dog of depression, and although life is starting to come back to normal, the long road ahead is daunting". There is also a clear focus on intricate soundscapes and the band wanted to put the spotlight on Adamross Williams' vocal delivery and this is clear upon an initial listen.

Check out the video below:

The momentum Glass Heart have built in the year is impressive and if the response to "Another Day" rides a similar wave to it's predecessor we could be looking at South Wales' answer to those post-lockdown blues!

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