Introducing... Squidge

Established in 2016 alternative punk outfit Squidge hailing from Southwest UK have built a solid platform for themselves. With an EP and a number of singles under their belt the band have broken into their local scene by force supporting bands such as Sick Joy, Muskets, Phoxjaw and Bean on Toast.

The band have just dropped their new single "Cardboard Box", a straight up, no fuss anthem that roars for 3 and a half minutes with particular bounce and flare in the chorus. The song boasts singalong qualities and is backed by meaty riffs that make for a track that boosts the band's flourishing back-catalogue. The energetic nature of the song is juxtaposed with its lyrical content that depicts reflection upon a person's memories and life experiences from their deathbed. Recollections of naive childhood games, discovering alcohol and sex as well as the struggles of supporting oneself financially. Hey, if a song is going to make you look introspectively at experiences past and time left on this planet, better to do so in a song you can pit and dance to!

Live shows may be on ice at the moment but make sure you get Squidge on your watchlist when they return! In the meantime check out Cardboard Box and the band's back catalogue to familiarise yourself thoroughly!

Check out "Cardboard Box" HERE.

FFO: Nirvana, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Gender Roles, Gnarwolves, Muskets

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Twitter - @squidgeband


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