Lucy Feliz - Last Of The Sun | Album Review

Following on from the success of her haunting debut, Ancestry, Brighton-based artist Lucy Feliz showcases her latest release Last Of The Sun with a pinch of vulnerability. However, it’s clear from the off that this is Feliz at her best, offering a tender lull of melancholic acoustics.

This release immediately possesses an ethereal eminence, with hazy whispered vocals and soft, psychedelic tones presenting a recent maturity to her sound. Opener ‘Cowgirl’ encapsulates this vibe perfectly; ghostly vocal tones intertwining with beautifully soft drumbeats to create a sorrowful yet unusually fulfilling sound. This enigmatic tone flows through each single, particularly in ‘Wild Orchids’, highlighting an intoxicating pessimism.

Even with the overwhelmingly ghostly atmosphere, there are a few singles on this release that possess a softer, bouncier sound. Perhaps the happiest of the release is ‘Paradise’; talks of blissful sunshine evoke a heavenly feeling. ‘Last Laugh’ feels slightly more optimistic, despite the juxtaposing lyricism. Talks of heartbreak and sadness are met with a livelier sound, giving listeners a glimpse of satisfaction despite the dark themes. ‘Werewolf’ again highlights the juxtaposition previously discussed - offering a similar pattern of soft and uplifting tones, paired with contrastingly gloomy lyrics.

Despite the dreamy tones, it’s the fragility of the lyricism that takes this release from good to great. Talks of sexuality and identity, as well as naivety and neglect are laid bare for all to hear. However, these raw themes are somewhat reassuring, with Feliz’s beautifully naïve vocal tones guiding us through the darkness.

Closing single ‘Strange Allure’ offers all the cynicism found throughout the album in the space of two minutes; dark lyricism and melancholic musical tones highlight the eeriness of Feliz’s music, whilst making the listener feel somewhat consoled and reassured. To conclude in a short and sweet manner, Feliz has perfected a hard-hitting, yet extremely comforting sound that cannot go unheard.

Score: 8/10

The Last Of The Sun is released August 28th via OK Pal Records.

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