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Four piece Indie band Denio, based in Liverpool, have been making somewhat of a dent recently in the music scene with singles "There I Said It" and "Dreaming". Noting influences from the likes of Mac Demarco, Tame Impala and Jungle as well as a collective love for 80's bands like Talking Heads the band have an excellent pool of talent to draw from. In addition, band members Daniel and Andres Hernandez throw their Venezuelan roots into the mix and the result is quite remarkable showcasing a South American inspired rhythm and melody which is completed by Vocalist Mike Davis' unmistakably British lyrics. This may sound like the finished product may sound chaotic but this couldn't be further from the truth. The band have just released their brand new single "Let Me Put My Arm Over You" which further highlights their eclectic tastes and diverse sound.

"Let Me Put My Arm Over You" breathes the biggest of easy-listening vibes into the ears with a confident sway of Dream Pop goodness. This well-rounded song strikes the right balance as any good band in the genre does. With a fresh helping of synth-heavy pop layered with echoic and poignant vocals it is easy for the listener to leave even after a first listen humming the chorus. It is worth mentioning that production here is on point too, impressive for the bands third single. Swirling guitars and groovy bass lines add further texture and depth to the song. Discussing themes of friendship, empathy and being there for someone the song delivers this message in an easily digestible format.

As aforementioned, the song adds itself to a growing catalogue of similarly impressive songs. Denio boast a certain confidence and maturity in their music at a grassroots level and are still only three singles into their career. This is definitely a sign of good things to come!

Keep an eye on Denio and check out "Let Me Put My Arm Around You" on your streaming platform of choice.

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