Introducing... Blind Summit

Photo - Gaz Davies Media

Introducing... Blind Summit, a 4 piece Metal band from Manchester, UK and formed in late 2016. With inspirations ranging from Meshuggah to The Contortionist the band blends clean melodic vocals with rhythmic heavier sections forming a unified agressive wall of sound.

The band's latest release "303" provides an assault on the ears opening with sludgy chugging riffs that sets the blueprint before melodic clean vocals chime in over the top. The contrast almost feels like it shouldn't work yet strikes a good balance. At times vocals shift into an operatic pitch that bring all of the power and passion you would hope for in this musical style. The subtle technicalities in both drumming and the rhythm section provide an excellent and impressive backdrop that allow the vocal performance to take centre stage though there is a a level of synchronicity here that is crucially important for the band's overall sound. The breakdown section feels grand and epic and showcases some real promise.

The band introduced "303" stating the songs is the next instalment in Blind Summit's darker chapter which sounds like a promising remark if this is anything to go by! Previous single "Reverie" also shows similar traits but really demonstrates the strengths in vocal performance and room to experiment with the band's sound.

Blind Summit have clearly found a formula that simultaneously allows them to have an expansive sound whilst allowing room to experiment within the confines of their genre, though the confines aren't very confining. If the band can continue this upward trajectory pushing the limits on their own sound then there are good things to come!

Check out visuals for "303" and get the song on your streaming platform of choice HERE.

Visuals - Black Box Photo Co.

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