Mental Health, Recharging, Coffee - A quick interview and chat with Sundressed

It’s commonly associated as a genre of youthfully giddy rebellion, but indie-punk and pop-punk has served as an outlet of frustration for countless young bands over the decades. However, as such bands age, many make peace with their adolescent woes, losing that drive and spark that fuels their work. In contrast, others substitute the central themes within their art, reinventing their music for other righteous purposes that bolster their skills. Fitting into the latter category is Arizona based indie-punk outfit Sundressed.

Originally formed as a way for frontman Trevor Hedges to maintain his sobriety, Sundressed has recently refocused their mission statement. Eight years on from the band’s inception, Sundressed now use their take on sugar and sun fuelled punk to spiel the tribulations of mental health and how to overcome them. It’s a common lyrical theme, but what separates Sundressed from their peers is how they offer solace to those bearing the brunt of similar issues. Through fraught confessional lyricism, ripping melodies and unbridled optimism, the group offer inspiration and hope to others, something their new record Home Remedy proves.

Released today via Rude Records, the album is incandescent with positivity and inspirational honesty, showcasing Sundressed’s determination of offering hope and resilience in the wake of an ever uncertain world. With the record out today, we had a quick punchy chat with Trevor on the record and mental health.

It’s been a pretty chaotic year, but how are you guys holding up?

Trevor: "Holding up okay! It’s definitely been a tough year without the energy and release we all get from being around live music, but we are very grateful to have this record to share, and so many ways to connect with fans!"

Your third record Home Remedy is on the cusp of dropping, how are you feeling about releasing the record during the current time?

Trevor: "It is bittersweet for sure, for the most part, however, I feel like this set of songs is super relevant to what’s going on right now, so I hope it is bringing some people some comfort."

Home Remedy is your first record on Rude Records. What does it mean for you guys to be signed to the label?

Trevor: "We are genuinely thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful label. They are truly in it for the right reasons and it’s good to have a home!"

The record documents battles with mental health whilst offering comfort to those experiencing such issues. Was the recording process therapeutic?

Trevor: "Definitely. Songwriting has always been therapeutic to me and usually recording is difficult for me, but this time around, everything felt so different. We are incredibly confident in what we created!"

Was there any records revolving around mental health that proved influential in the creation of the record?

Trevor: "Definitely inspired by a lot of our friends like Nominee, Tiny Stills, and Keep Flying. So many of our peers are constantly being vulnerable and sharing their experiences to help others and that’s definitely something we love to be a part of."

The single ‘Size Of My Heart’ is about tackling a habit of being unable to say no to people. For those facing similar issues, how did you combat this issue?

Trevor: "I’m still so bad at this, but I’ve found it’s so important to make time for yourself, rest, and recharge."

Of course, given the current global crisis, it’s likely many will be having issues with personal mental health. Do you have any advice to those battling such issues and self-medicating in damaging ways?

Trevor: "I think it’s important to make time for things you love and to connect with other people who are going through similar things. Reach out to an old friend, spend that extra 30 minutes listening to your mom tell stories on the phone, learn something new. AJ (Peacox, Guitar) and I actually started a coffee/music podcast over the last few months and it’s been a fun new outlet!"

Finally, what do you want listeners to feel and take away from Home Remedy?

Trevor: "I hope that we can all focus more on those moments between the chaos where we realize how much music and community mean to us!"

Home Remedy is out today via Rude Records.