For The Sake Of The Speed: The Top 5 Best Rollercoasters with Serena Cherry of Svalbard!

The euphoric heights, the stomach wringing lows and the adrenaline pumping inversions. When she's not busy fronting the post-metal powerhouse Svalbard, Serena Cherry is co-running CoasterForce, an online platform devoted to all things rollercoaster related. A bonafide coaster aficionado, Serena has spent years travelling the globe in order to experience the very best of what the world's theme parks have to offer, documenting and videoing her pursuits for fellow thrill seekers. With Svalbard's hotly awaited new record When I Die, Will I Get Better? out this week via Church Road, we got in touch with Serena to discover the best rollercoasters she's got to experience so far.

"When I'm not being Serena from Svalbard, I am Serena from CoasterForce – a Youtube channel, a website and a community dedicated to all things rollercoasters and theme parks, for which I am privileged to be a staff member. Rollercoasters have been my passion ever since my first childhood visit to Alton Towers, when I saw the monstrous Nemesis rollercoaster roaring through the trees. I was transfixed. To me, rollercoasters are 3D art – fantastical, twisted structures of imagination that you can actually climb aboard and experience. I am lucky enough to have ridden 636 different rollercoasters all around the world so far. From 100-year old wooden coasters in Denmark to brand new Japanese thrill machines; if a park builds it – I will ride it! So without further ado, here are the best 5 rollercoasters I've ridden so far."

Hakugei - Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

"The newest, biggest and baddest addition to a park which is already home to some massive, record breaking coasters – Hakugei is a breathtaking ride. Built as a conversion of the parks' old wooden coaster White Cyclone – Hakugei is the result of top rollercoaster manufacturing company Rocky Mountain Construction removing the old wooden track and replacing it with a seriously intense new steel layout. My favourite elements of Hakugei are the Zero G Stall and the Zero G Rolls – they are the most perfect inversions I have ever experienced. If you like your rides extreme and intense, get over to Japan and ride Hakugei. It will not disappoint."

Maverick - Cedar Point, USA

"Cedar Point is referred to as “America's roller coast” - boasting a whopping 17 rollercoasters in the park, it's an enthusiasts mecca. When it comes to huge, exciting coasters, you are truly spoilt for choice here. But them sparkliest gem in this crown full of gems has to be Maverick for me. With 2 speedy launches, extremely banked curves and heaps of airtime – this ride made me smile the whole way through. It's just so fast and fun!"

Hyperion - EnergyLandia, Poland

"One of the tallest coasters in Europe, Hyperion towers over EnergyLandia with it's imposing 269ft drop. If you manage to brave it's intimidating height, you will come off absolutely buzzing – this ride absolutely flies like nothing else. Diving into a tunnel at 88 m.p.h. - this coaster packs one hell of a thrilling punch and never fails to get my adrenaline pumping!"

Fluch Von Novgorod - Hansa Park, Germany

"It's not always about the biggest and baddest. Sometimes a coaster is all about the theme, the storytelling and the atmosphere. Fluch Von Novgorod is a coaster which remains enclosed for 80% of the ride, using indoor special effects to tell a spooky story of a Russian curse. With animatronic crows, gloomy choral soundtrack and undertones of horror, this coaster is the most black metal roller coaster out there. I adore it."

The Voyage - Holiday World, USA

"One of the tallest and longest wooden rollercoasters in the world, The Voyage is utterly relentless. Wooden coasters feel very different to steel coasters – wilder, more aggressive and out-of-control. It's like the difference between CDs and vinyl! Of all the wooden coasters I've ridden, The Voyage is the craziest – it's so long you feel as though you've gone on a massive expedition when you arrive, breathless, back at the station!"

When I Die, Will I Get Better? is released September 25th via Church Road Records.

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