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It seems as though everyday that goes by in 2020 has been a struggle with very little optimism or hope remaining in the world. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to just be a faint flicker, seemingly extinguished with every small breeze that blows.This is very much a similar reason why Arizona indie-punks Sundressed where birthed into life, being built on the same fundamentals of living on a chaotic planet that at times can be so hard to deal with in the midst of uncertainty. Even more so for lead vocalist Trevor Hedges who began his project in 2012 as a means to ensure his sobriety would remain intact.

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Eight years later and Hedges has taken the direction of the band to a new level, focusing on tackling the issue of mental health and providing a safe place in which people can take solace in the songs he writes. Building a connection with his fans and ensuring that they are not alone, even now in these uncertain times, it is so important to ensure that mental health issues are being addressed. Such is the very ethos of their new record Home Remedy, a musical offering that's simultaneously a vessel of catharsis for the band and an inclusive invitation for those suffering.

Hedges has clearly been in a fight to struggle with his own demons which is why the music he creates hits the message so hard. The confessional lyrics that parade at the forefront of his writing method, which are then holstered up on the shoulders the punk infused melodies it captures the emotions of the fans and creates a real relationship with the lead singer, creating an atmosphere where people from different experiences can connect through the music.

The band really come together to provide a connection to fans through tracks such as 'Is This a Drug' a powerful sentiment to persevering and pushing through even when all hope is lost. Hedges has only enhanced his songwriting with the addition of AJ Peacox, Vic Chan, Matthew Graham, and Justin Portillo. In addition, the work of esteemed producer Mike Pepe allows the central messages that serve as the spine of this record to flex and twist, highlighting the group's quest for optimism as the record drives through a multitude of tempos and degrees of energy.

Its clear that since the beginning of Sundressed the project has blossomed from Hedges own source of escapism. Enhancing the ideology and message they want to promote, connecting on a further plane with their fans. Providing a means of comfort, hope and escape, Home Remedy is a great achievement for Sundressed and a fantastic entry point for those not yet acquainted.

Score: 7/10

Home Remedy is out now via Rude Records. Purchase the album here.


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