Winter Gardens - Tapestry | EP Review

The wonder of DIY and shoegaze is shown in the varying structures and unique paths artists make throughout their music. A group eager to show off their interpretation is Winter Gardens from the South Coast. The four piece make their first official introduction with debut EP Tapestry. Made up of four tracks, the record pulls together their unique blend of punk and dream-pop.

Title track ‘Tapestry’ embraces a soft introduction and floaty accompaniments to set the EP in motion. With echoing guitars and the subtle addition of piano and synths, the building instrumentals create their own rich tapestry of sound; a great reflection of the track’s title. During the bridge section, the vocals continue to weave in amongst the complementing sounds. Intensifying drums and effects build in the final chorus to then float back into the dreamy melody, casting back to the foundation of the track. The full circle of shoegaze is a great patchwork journey for the listener to experience.

They leave no time for rest in ‘Zigzanny’, with synths taking control of moments between vocals. Their influences from 80’s post-punk appear across the unhesitating rhythms and bold atmospheric vocals. It’s a song at full momentum and comes to an end as quickly as it took flight.

‘Laminar Flow Pt. 1’ shimmers into existence with wonderful intertwined melodies. The otherworldly atmosphere that is created captures all attention as it glides through a varied structure. They later introduce thicker bass lines, drums and louder synth to take the song to a whole new level. This change of direction is a refreshing energy, encapsulating the DIY aspects of the band’s sounds. Taking a step back from a vocal focus, the instrumental track serves almost as an elongated interlude with plenty to take note of.

Our moment with Winter Gardens is brought to a close with ‘Wonders Bleak’; a kaleidoscope of influences and artistic elements. It is firstly initiated with echoing chords, intense drum beats and pounding bass, later making room for a soft vocal companion. What develops later into the song is a moment of raw liveliness. Rewriting the tempo and unleashing all their might into a guitar led intermission. The shifting elements then blend with futuristic synth and magical piano. It’s a song of contrast that works in the best way, resulting in a stand out track to bring the EP to a close.

A valiant first release for an ambitious group, with plenty to show off. This EP exhibits their ability to grasp the sounds they want and make them a reality. Each track here made by the group deconstructs the norm of familiar framework and turns into a shape of its own. With their own label in tow, the future is looking colourful for Winter Gardens.

Score: 7.5/10

Tapestry is released September 25th via Austerity Records. Pre-order the EP here.