Introducing... In Earnest

Introducing... In Earnest, the indie/emo trio from Southend on Sea, UK. Their open and honest sound both lyrically and instrumentally makes for an all encompassing and emotive listening experience. The band have recently released their single '29' ahead of the release of their debut self-titled EP that is due to be released 7th October.

The band are made up of front-couple Sarah and Thomas who take a dual songwriting approach and aim to encourage open and honest conversation around mental health. This provides dialogue from two perspectives; a call from one who feels too much and a response from the other who must plead for them to stay alive.

We spoke with In Earnest to find out some more on what has influenced their sound and how this ties in with their aesthetic:

"As a band, our whole philosophy is that of openness and honesty, in trying to turn real experiences and feelings into our art. We're really drawn to the idea of marrying up our sound with their artwork and music video styles and concepts and so we experimented with ways that would enhance a listener's experience. Our first single ('Put Me Under') is a song that Sarah penned about living with depression, anxiety and feelings of loneliness - this was paired with a day-by-day diary of life in lockdown, with the overruling emotion of each day fully visible. The second single release ('Come Upstairs') is a song that Tom (Sarah's partner) wrote in response, expressing the hopelessness that you can experience in caring for someone with a mental illness. Within the video, we tried our best to provide a visual representation of severe depression and the loss of identity that can occur when someone truly hits rock bottom. The VHS-style aesthetic worked for us as it is raw and intimate in feeling. We also chose to utilise candid, existing photographs for our artwork covers to further our intention of being candid and real."

The band describe themselves as Sad Indie Emo Noise and tackle issues close to home talking of mental health, depression, hopelessness and loneliness openly in their music, but this is a part of their identity that, no matter how raw, is worth talking about:

"Individually, we are mostly on the same page - we love music, being onstage and want to continue to pursue musical creativity in an honest way. We don't wish to be a massive act that tours the world. We just want to move an audience and provoke thought. We hope that we can encourage open conversation on difficult topics through writing songs that stir emotion within us and help us to navigate the difficulties of life."

Music is an art of expression and it takes courage and bravery to create something to openly share with others, particularly when it is so honest and personal. What In Earnest aim to do with their music is nothing short of extraordinary and however many people this may resonate with, they can feel like they have sparked that influence to honest and open culture regarding sensitive subjects. This is art and emotion in it's rawest form. Heartbreaking, wholesome, emotive and beautiful all rolled into every song.

Check out '29' on Spotify HERE. Their debut self-titled EP is out 7th October so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that release!

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