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Here's something a bit different to wrap your ears around. Newly formed, Essex based electronic duo BE, were pieced together after a strong friendship between Marc Barnacle and Shel Cribben blossomed into a musical relationship. With a shared history of long term activity in the local music scene and a diverse range of influences acquired along the way the duo came together to create something unique.

Initially when Barnacle and Cribben started their journey together there was a relaxed approach to making music, with BE acting as a side project to main musical ventures. However, over time this blossomed into an exciting and integral part of the duo's lives that couldn’t be ignored. Fundamentally because the music being created was what they wanted to be doing and loved the music being produced as a result.

Now acting as the duo's main musical outlet they are wasting no time in releasing music and showing the world what BE is. The ethos of BE itself is centred around embracing who you are and what you aspire to be. Drawing influences from the likes of Portishead, Radiohead, Caribou, The National, Arcade Fire and Moby their dynamic, heartfelt approach to their music stands out clearly in the music they have released so far.

The band have currently release two singles: 'They Won't Listen', the duo's debut, is about change, letting go and feeling free to be who you want to be and latest release 'Oh Helen' is a love song, a conversation and a warning. 'They Won't Listen' feels tense and brooding whilst melodic and calm. The song builds over it's 5 minutes in length with the subtle inclusion of synths and shifts to a crescendo that adds dual vocals, harmonies electronic guitars. 'Oh Helen' offers more of a dream pop vibe with echoic vocals and the inclusion of intricate instrumentals/samples such as harps and clean picked guitar.

The electronic genre is fantastic for producers in that experimentation and diversity can be applied to music far easier without sounding wildly out of kilter with an artists general sound. In the space of two singles BE have proven they have the courage and ability to do this whilst still holding a sound recognisable as their own thanks to their iconic vocals. These are ones to watch!

Check out 'They Won't Listen' HERE.

Check out 'Oh Helen' HERE.

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