Corrupt Moral Altar - Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things | EP Review

Given that we’re all currently living in some form of dystopian Hellscape, APF Records have enjoyed quite the year indeed. Following on from releasing violating records from the likes of Video Nasties, Beggar, Possessor and Under, the label has become lauded as a hotbed for emerging talent specialising in revolting density and has become the point of interest for those depraved and morally corrupted within the UK heavy scene. Whilst we all gear up for the festive season by bracing for whatever nightmare 2021 brings, APF still has one right hook for us, one being in the form of Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things from Liverpool sadists Corrupt Moral Altar.

Corrupt Moral Altar may be a new proposition for some, but those who spend their time revelling within the viscera and putrid filth of the underground heavy scene will likely acknowledge their namesake with their chipped grin. Across two long plays - 2017’s Eunoia and 2014’s Mechanical Tides – the band have established themselves as one devoted to musical extremity at it’s most vile and lacerating, creating filth laded work in the key of suffocating grind, sludge and punk.

Whilst it’s been approximately three years since their last pleasant outing, none of their intensity has stagnated. In fact, as the fantastically titled opener ‘Cathedral Of Porn’ demonstrates, it appears the horrors of the past several years has only fermented their sound to a whole new level of revolting hurt. With phlegm coated rage that’s reminiscent to this year’s Gulch release, this opener knocks one to the floor with pure grind extremity prior to scalping them with brutalising hardcore heft. Immediately after, ‘You Smell Expensive’ liquifies oneself with nauseating bombardments of noise and a bass tone akin to that of a stomach digesting sulphuric acid. Truly, this is ignorantly heavy music for ignorant times indeed.

Despite the sheer punishment this EP deals, this is simply a barrel of liquified fun. In an age where countless bands dealing in absolute musical abuse pursue a more stoic persona and aura, Corrupt Moral Altar are a band that navigate sonic abuse with near sadistic enjoyment. Even with the vocals of Chris Reese sounding like he’s frothing with bile, the constant energy is paramount, a blood-soaked sense of fun is buoyant and the way Corrupt Moral Altar manage to swerve between acidic density and archaic punk keeps the intensity near boiling point. The aptly titled ‘Maximum Bastardy’ is a fantastic example of how the band incorporate the raw power and studded aggression of punk within their take on grindcore. In relation, ‘Sprit Breaker’ reanimates thoughts of Scum era Napalm Death whilst ensuring the track sounds a product of the cutting edge.

Even if one’s own eardrums have been utterly annihilated after this short bombardment of music, following on from the two-stepping slime of ‘I Am An Ocean Of Wisdom’, it’s likely anyone with a penchant for total musical pain will dive right back into this release. Managing to deter the trapping pitfalls that come with creating music to this degree of hostility, Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things is rank uncompromising excellence at it’s most viscously fluid and release that will leave one with a broad grin, albeit with a tooth or two missing.

Score: 8/10

Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things is released November 27th via APF Records.

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