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With only days remaining before the end of the year, comes a moment some thought we might never see.

When Dave Jakes stepped away from the microphone and old band Lonely the Brave in 2018, hundreds of fans thought that it might have been the last they heard of the captivating Cambridgeshire vocalist. In the years following his departure listeners from around the world were left with a treasured discography and the pleasure of being introduced to one of the most iconic voices of the generation.

Jakes first release in over two years comes in the form of a self titled mini album featuring a diverse choice of instrumentation and plenty of his enchanting lyricism throughout. This seven track LP contains the same level of intensity at its centre as in his previous material, but with a heavily stripped back focus. This naked approach leaves all the more room for Jakes soaring vocals, and invites enough space to encompass his old fanbase as well as generating a new one.

To put it simply, David Jakes is a one of a kind songwriter, and it seems that he’s definitely playing to his strength with his debut solo showcase. Set for release via By The Time It Gets Dark the record's narrative covers a brilliant spectrum, from melancholy tones reflecting on doomed relationships & family breakdowns (‘Be The Apple’) through to the booming warmth of choruses through tracks like ‘Diggy’s Pushing Holes Out’.

Setting the mood perfectly, opening number ‘Been In My Dream’ is a guaranteed highlight, with its soft mellow tones and an edge reminiscent of late 70’s Pink Floyd on a sunny afternoon. Almost from the offset we’re introduced to the contributions from Jamie Cameron & Rachel Lanskey of The Last Dinosaur, the pairs extra layers of instrumentation adding a whole new depth to already powerful compositions. Each track on the album has its own unique texture, each encompassed entirely in its own idea. It’s almost as if every song transports you to a different place, washing over in its own individual wave of emotion while at the same time flowing perfectly through the collective track listing.

Recorded over a space of years, Jakes debut solo record is a stand out introduction. Reaching its climax in the centre of ‘Echelon’, a cacophony of bold synths and reinforced percussion where impenetrable swells of sound provide a firm exterior for a tender voice that sinks into every note of the music, whilst at the same time dominating every corner.

There's certainly a mature, familiar tone to each story alongside beautiful vocal harmonies that hang subtly in balance.

The reaction to Jakes first solo venture is sure to be overwhelming, the south-east songwriter having laid himself bare across a brilliant stand alone record. Slotting in line smoothly with the pioneers of his genre, yet still bringing to the table it’s own stamp that makes it instantly recognizable. Over the last six years Dave Jakes has built himself a reputation from the ground up as an unconventional vocal powerhouse, and his impending release is sure to get critics keenly watching his solo career.

Score: 9/10

Dave Jakes is released December 11th via By The Time It Gets Dark.

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