Dawnwalker - Ages | Album Review

Solemn yet elevating and dark, heavy & brooding from the start, Dawnwalker fans should brace for impact with a new full length record in sight. A fresh focus for a new narrative than that of their previous EP, Ages stares dead in the face the traumatic reality which we face during the modern day - That the planet we all live upon is facing its impending doom.

From the opening notes of its instrumental introduction in the form of ‘Meleth’, it's plain to see that a great deal of time and intricacy has gone into the creation of the bands latest record. The follow up to 2018’s Human Ruins is everything fans could have hoped for from this talented collection of players, and Dawnwalker continue to carve a path for their own unique genre.

A weird and wonderful mashup of influences from melodic folk to experimental metal - Ages is set to tell the tale of the parasitic similarities portrayed by the modern day human condition, and its thunderous instrumentation creates the perfect soundtrack for the despairing vocals of frontman Mark Norgate.

This latest number from the London prog metal veterans sees them at their most creative yet with their upcoming release dominating a collection of 8 tracks, each one electric & convulsing with its own integrated message. Short interludes set the mood perfectly between the more sizable tracks, making it easy to forget the overwhelming crescendos that lie in wait just ahead. With an average length of 10 minutes of play time some might say that each track is nowhere near long enough, each composition on the list evolving into a beast of its own making. Harsh vocals set a dark and menacing pretense with a strangely nordic air descending into the balance in tracks such as ‘Ancient Sands’, a monstrous composition to say the least and sure to be a fan favourite. Whimsical vocal harmonies sit almost at a contrast to the record's overall narrative, a haunting beauty lurking in the background to reinforce the overall melody.

‘The Cataclysm’, the 8th and final track on the album is the perfect conclusion to such a strongly worded journey. Alongside their skill as well versed instrumentalists Dawnwalker set in stone early on in the career that they are a band of articulate story tellers, and they maintain the same pace throughout the entirety of Ages. Whilst one of the shorter tracks on the album and also a number showcasing a large portion of clean vocals, the gradual fade out to static might sound cliche, but blends well in the mix and is sure to leave any first time listener feeling completely satisfied, and contemplating plenty of food for thought.

A collective far from your typical dose of UK metal, critics are certain to watch the duration of Dawnwalker's career with great interest and Ages is set to leave fans old & new hungry for more.

Score: 7/10

Ages is self-released December 4th.

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