Drown This City - Colours We Won't Know | EP Review

Over the course of the last decade, metalcore has rapidly become a diverse and all encompassing genre. As soon as you think you’ve seen it all, another stroke of brilliance kicks down the door. Australian five piece Drown This City are no exception to this rule, building on their 2019 release Alpha // Survivor with six tracks of anger, catharsis, pain and promise.

Since the bands initial debut in 2016 it should be a crime that we haven’t been punched in the face with a full length, however you can find some solace that whilst it’s a few tracks short of the ideal amount the new record finds the band immersed in their heaviest sound yet - a promise often made but very rarely upheld.

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Scheduled for release on the 28th of May via UFND the Melbourne quintet are coming in hard with their forthcoming EP entitled Colours We Won’t Know. Touching base with old demons as genres collide at an explosive force. The narrative to the record is clearly deeply personal, yet somehow easily relatable as tracks such as ‘Borderline Existence’ reflect on the battle for success in the face of torment. Vocalist Alex Reade has excelled herself with her lyrical flair, as the band showcase some of the hardest hitting lyrics we’ve heard in a long time, an absolute rarity. There’s something about the line ‘You said you were ashamed to share my DNA, I’m sorry to tell you we are counterparts’ that could almost burn itself into your skin - and the track where it makes its home ‘New Burn Order’ will no doubt become a staple weapon of choice at a plethora of live shows to come.

Earlier this year the band announced there’s been a newcomer to the group in the form of Bassist/Vocalist Toby Thomas, and the transformation of their core writing trio has clearly reinvigorated the delivery of their art form. The opening track ‘Gemini’ provides a beautiful introduction to the EP that is almost serene before erupting into a barrage of hardcore infused guitar tones that set the pace for the remaining 17 minutes of play time. The record's third track ‘Beyond The Glare’ showcases the brilliance of modern metal, with the perfectly balanced amalgamation of cleans and screams making full use of the bands dynamic range.

A collective fusion of subgenres and influences have been blatantly at play here, and Colours We Won't Know is bound to see the band thriving in their success as they’re rapidly on track to become a dominant name in a global music community. Their discography so far is as suited to main stage festivals and intimate venues alike, and their next bout of touring is destined to be a force to be reckoned with.

Score: 8/10

Colours We Won't Know is released May 28th via UNFD.

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