Exclusive Premiere: Hennessey 'Use'

We are stoked to be exclusively premiering the brand new Hennessey single ‘Use’, taken from their E.P ‘E.P.01’ out next year in the UK. ‘Use’ is a raucous, unhinged anthem providing a raw blend of punk rock and electro pop delivered in this up-close and personal video depicting this rip-roaring garage-rock stomper aptly. Lead singer Leah Hennessey states:

"This is a classic rock and roll pastiche "love as drug" metaphor song, with its tongue firmly in its cheek while managing to be completely sincere at the same time. In this song I'm expressing my envy that the person I want has all these other outlets for their addictive behaviour and consumption, but I only have love, which ultimately reduces the object of my desire to a thing to be used.”

Hennessey, hailing from New York, are a group of multidisciplinary artists who have come together to create vintage-pop obsessed electronic dance punk. Leah Hennessey, also known as a playwright and creator of the underground web series Zhe Zhe, is the lead singer and principal songwriter of Hennessey. As a pretty new band, they've already opened for a wide array of New York artists such as Macy Rodman, Gustaf, Sloppy Jane and Cumgirl8. Hennessey made their UK debut September 2019 supporting Jesse Malin at the famous 100 Club in London. They've self-released their first single ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and were featured for the video in Vogue Magazine. Their last two singles ‘We Will Not Be Lovers’ and ‘No Transformation’ featured as exclusive video’s on Trebuchet online in the UK.

‘Use’ is OUT NOW via Velvet Elk Records.

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